NFL Playoff Picture as of October 31st

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Division Leaders:
New England (7-0)
Pen them in to win the division, and why not into the AFC championship.  Brady looks unstoppable and this no-name defense is playing well.
Cincinnati (6-0)
Andy Dalton is leading an undefeated team, who would have thought?  I think they hold on to win the division, but it has to be a matter of time before Dalton comes back down to earth.  Maybe an early playoff exit?
Denver (6-0)
This defense is scary.  Almost scoring as many points as their offense.  Maybe they can carry manning through the playoffs?  They will win the division, but Manning seems like a huge liability once it comes to the meaningful games.
Indianapolis (3-4)
LUCKily for the Colts, they are the only NFL team in the AFC South.  They will win the division maybe at 7 wins.  They won’t be going anywhere this year especially with Luck turning the ball over every chance he gets.
Wild Cards:
New York Jets (4-2)
Big game this Sunday against the Raiders. A win will solidify their wild card position in the race, while a loss won’t kill them, but it will give a lot of momentum to the raiders. If the Ryan Fitzmagic continues, this could be a Super Bowl contender.
Pittsburgh (4-3)
A team when healthy can compete for a Super Bowl.  Big Ben is back this week, but at what health?  If he is healthy, this team will string together wins and easily make the playoffs and contend in the playoffs.
In the Hunt:
Oakland (3-3)
A big game in Oakland on Sunday.  A win will catapult them forward with confidence and in positioning with tiebreakers over the Jets.  A loss doesn’t kill them, but it makes their game the following week at Pittsburgh a must win game where they will need a miracle.
Buffalo (3-4)
Great defense, but their QB Tyrod Taylor limits their ability to contend.  They need to start turning the ship around soon or they will be too far behind. Their season is at a crossroad.


Division Leaders:
Carolina (6-0)
Considered the worst undefeated team, but don’t be fooled.  They are a great team.  Cam Newton is a game changer and this defense is legit.  Similar to the Seahawks team a few years ago.
Green Bay (6-0)
Is this possibly their year?  A weak division sets them up to take home field advantage and with this defense turning into a top 5 defense it makes this team a tough recipe to stop.  Not to mention they still have a bad man at QB, Aaron Rodgers.
Arizona (5-2)
Carson Palmer has played great all season.  The reemergence of Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Johnson makes this team very scary.  They’ve lost a few surprising games but still hoist a 5 and 2 record.  This team has playmakers on both sides of the ball to beat anyone.  Not the top tier of the NFC , but wouldn’t be surprised for them to beat a Green Bay or Carolina.
New York Giants (4-3)
Eli Manning doesn’t look great.  Their defense looks average.  Yet they find themselves in first place in the mediocre NFC East.  They aren’t great, but they are the best in their division.
Wild Cards:
Atlanta (6-1)
They look very good.  Gus Bradley has turned this defense around.  Matt Ryan, Julio, and Devonta Freeman is the best trio in the NFL.  They look like a serious contender, but like Andy Dalton and Luck, Matt Ryan hasn’t won a big game making me very skeptical come playoff time.
Minnesota Vikings (4-2)
Great defense, but Adrian Peterson still doesn’t seem to be in true form.  Bridgewater is exciting, but can’t trust him yet.

In the Hunt:

St. Louis (3-3)
A dominant front seven that can demolish any offensive line.  This team could really turn the corner with Todd Gurley healthy.  The next few weeks will be very telling.

Washington (3-4)
“You Like it!” I do like what I have seen, but the team won’t make the playoffs. They aren’t very skilled.  They’ll lose a few and fall out of the playoff race rather soon.

Seattle (3-4)
My pick to take the last wild card spot.  They’ve struggled a lot, but a win this week will get them back to 500 ready to rattle off a few wins.  Keep in mind, since Chancellor has been back they are 3-2.  The world isn’t falling.
Philadelphia (3-4)
Probably shouldn’t be on this list.  Since they are in the NFC east they will have a chance.  Chip Kelly will be fired and they can finally let go of his disastrous front office moves.
New Orleans (3-4)
A complete shock to me.  They still have Drew Brees and Sean Peyton, but this team isn’t winning games.  Brees is playing well giving me hope that they can make a push, but I see this defense letting the team down.  Therefore, the Saints won’t get much traction.

Dallas Cowboys (2-4)
I see their season ending this week against Seattle.  2-5 is too hard to come back from.  They are on life support.

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