Quick Thoughts: NFL Week 6

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Ravens Defense:

The Ravens lost against the Redskins may have been surprising and their defense looked a little suspect.  However, no one should be worried, for their defense very good against Oakland.  Baltimore was very tough against the run.  They did not give any running room against one of the best offensive lines in the league (Oakland).  Their defense is elite, it is just that Flacco is only just good and he will stop them from being a top team in the league and they will not be unless they have a great running back to compliment Flacco like they did with Ray Rice in the past.   Just took a look at their stats and they are top in both passing defense and run defense, so they are definitely elite.  They have an elite linebacking core with Suggs, Dumerville, and Mosley who can all stop the run and then get after the quarterback on 3rd down and there secondary is good with Jimmie smith and of course Eric Weddle.

New England Hype:
Everyone has been overrating New England.  They are a good football team and maybe the best in the NFL, but they are not going to go 15-1, which is what everyone seems to think recently.  Last week against Cleveland should not matter and you can not read to much into it.  I think it will be good to see how they stand up to a good team and a good defense (The biggest test comes the following week against Pittsburgh).  I don’t think Cincinnati wins but i expect it to be close.  On the other side, I do not think Cincinnati is good offensively without Hue Jackson, but it will be interesting to see how they stack up against New England’s defense.  Cincinnati needs to start winning soon if they want to be back in the playoff race.

Major Headline:
Can Carolina save their season in New Orleans?  I will say yes, but Cam coming off a concussion may be tough in NO.  He will have to score close to 30 points to win, but it is doable against an atrocious Saints defense.

Atlanta Falcons the real deal?
Atlanta at Seattle, are they the real deal?  If they can grab two wins at Denver and in Seattle then they are a legit contender.  Crazy how much can change in 3 weeks after the week 1 loss in Tampa.  (everyone wanted to give up on their season and ATL was 7 points underdogs in Oakland during week 2)

San Diego and TNF:
San Diego is a good football team that has just been unlucky.  It was 1 in 30 million for them blow all of those 4th quarter leads, absolutely incredible to think about. Look for them to start rattling off a few wins in a row.  Rivers is too good at the moment to not be a competitive football team and win around 8 games this year. (they got unlucky early so maybe 7 is more realistic, but they are at least a 8 win football team skill wise)

Be careful Denver:
Denver is close to going on a losing streak if Siemian looks like this for the rest of the year.  The next 2 games will show a lot for Denver.  Their defense is great, but not good enough to make up for Siemian.  If it was just a bad game then so be it, but could it be that the film people are getting on Siemian is starting to catch up with him and cause Denver trouble.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

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