NFL Week 8: Quick Thoughts


A defensive player that has surprised you (for the good):

This may not be a surprise because everyone knows he is very good, but I still think Marcus Peters is having a surprising sophomore campaign. His rookie season was incredible and to still be getting the interception numbers in his second year is even more impressive because teams have to be game planning to stay away from him.  In addition, he lost his #2 corner a year ago in Sean Smith to the Raiders and is now the number one guy on defense and is still picking off corners consistently.

A defensive player that has disappointed you:

It’s hard for me to not say Reggie Nelson for the raiders (having to watch the secondary get destroyed every Sunday) but outside of Oakland, I’d have to say anyone Jacksonville signed. Malik Jackson has been decent but has had some temperament issues and Tashaun Gibson has not performed well either, which is a big reason for their 2-6 start.  (I think their main issues start with Blake Bortles who was grossly overrated after last year).

Thoughts on Detroit @ Houston:

I think Houston is a pretty bad team on offense. Osweiler has been just terrible, but it is hard to gauge their team for sure because their losses have been against really good teams, but I still see him as a bad QB and I think Detroit and Stafford will be able to beat them, but it will still be a close game.  I see Detroit winning 24-20.

New England vs. Buffalo:

I have New England over Buffalo, but I see the game being real close and New England winning in the end.  However, don’t be surprised if Buffalo gets lucky, maybe with a late turnover and the home crowd, and is able to pull out a big win at home against New England.

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