NFL Week 10 Quick Thoughts

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I would normally take Pittsburgh, but seeing them play against the Ravens last week was not promising.  If Ben Roethlisberger is healthy then I would easily take the Steelers at home, but he is not and doesn’t look close to being healthy.  The Cowboys play solid turnover free football and will run it effectively against the average Steelers defense.  They will keep it away from Ben Roethlisberger and that will make it hard for Ben to put up enough points to win this game.  As long as the Cowboys can neutralize Leveon Bell they should be able to pull out the win on the road.  24-17 Cowboys on a big day from Elliot.  125 yards and a TD.


I think this will be a dogfight of a game.  Kansas City is the better football team this year (maybe even one of the best in the league).  However, Carolina is still a very talented team, the more desperate team, and at home.  People should not forget how good Carolina is and they are starting to play good football as of late.  They need it more and will get the win in a close game.  20-17 Panthers


Minnesota’s offense has been really poor of late and I think this football team is just a solid football team who got lucky early with a good defense and sub-par quarterback to start 5-0.  Part of me wants to think they will get back on track after 3 straight losses, but I think Kirk Cousins will outscore them.  If it was in Minnesota I would pick them to win, but since it is in Washington I am going to take Washington 23-16.


This is a tough game to pick.  Denver is coming off an embarrassing loss to their arch rival on national TV, which makes me want to say that they are going have a “will” game.  No matter what they will find a way to win, but the team is just not good enough anymore.  I just don’t see a Trevor Siemian offense being able to keep up with Drew Brees in the Super Dome.  They were not able to put up a ton of points against an average Oakland defense.  Therefore, I think Drew Brees will outscore them 31-17. Especially, with Aquib Talib and Derek Wolfe ruled out.  It could be a rough few weeks for Denver until both of these guys are healthy.   Saints 31-17.


I think this is a game for Green Bay to get it together.  They have not been playing good football.  However, there is no chance an Aaron Rodger’s team falls below 500. They got embarrassed last week by a bad Colts team and that should fuel this team to beat a decent Tennessee team on the road.  Aaron Rodgers has a huge day and they will blow out the Titans, 34-13.


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