Game Prediction: Colorado vs Washington (PAC-12 Championship)

Photo via Ron Chenoy - USA Today Sports

Colorado is 10-2 and Washington is 11-1, and there couldn’t be a more even matchup.  At a neutral site, this game has little likelihood of yielding a home field advantage of any sort. The Buffaloes put up a fight with Michigan, and despite the fact that they’re ranked at #9 while Washington is #4, Colorado has the momentum it needs to topple Washington. Washington has a better team than Colorado, that’s for sure, but Colorado has won six games in a row and I’ve always been fascinated with cinderella stories. Whoever has the best quarterback will definitely come out on top, because both teams have quality defenses. The Buffaloes are coming off of a win against Utah, which will bolster their confidence. Browning and the Washington run offense have a possibility of rolling over Colorado, but some gut instinct tells me that the Buffs will pull off a win.

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