JASON CHAN/The Badger Herald

Who: #15 Western Michigan vs #8 Wisconsin

When: January 2, 1PM EST

Where: Arlington, Texas

Watch: ESPN

Winner: Wisconsin

This game is one of the more intriguing pairings of the bowl season. Wisconsin is set to square off against an unbeaten MAC conference team in Western Michigan.

Wisconsin has had a standout season, and even came close to defeating Penn State in the Big 10 title game, showing that they should not be taken lightly. The Badgers’ running back Corey Clement has ran for over 1,300 yards, and is the leader of the offense. The Badgers defense will also shine as well, with players like T.J. Watt (brother of JJ Watt), Alec James, and T.J. Edwards, among a couple more standout players.

On the other side of the field, Western Michigan also has an impressive squad. Their defense is led by QB Zach Terrell (with 3,376 yards and 32 touchdowns), Corey Davis (1,427 yards and 91 receptions), and behemoth Jarvion Franklin (1,300 yards yards rushing). The Broncos also have a quality front 7 on defense.

WMU might be undefeated, but they’re also in a weaker conference. Wisconsin has 3 losses, but competed against great programs and many of them were tight games.

It’s possible for WMU to win this one—they haven’t lost yet—but a lot needs to happen for them to play on a level that can compete with Wisconsin. This will be the perfect time for them to show everyone that they can win it, but I don’t think them winning is realistic.

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