A Quick Reflection: Stuart Scott and Craig Sager

Photo via TMZ Sports

I know their deaths are old news, but I was just reflecting on the greatness of Stuart Scott and Craig Sager and have decided to post this in their honor.

Just recently, we have seen two greats pass because of cancer, Stuart Scott and Craig Sager. It was a tragedy to see both of them go, but they have been an incredible inspiration to me. They both brought an intense passion to doing what they loved the most, sports reporting, and both dealt with immense tragedies, cancer. Scott and Sager beat cancer multiple times, but it continued to come back until it sadly took both of their lives. However, the constant chemotherapy and fight against cancer didn’t stop them from showing up, and most importantly, loving their job every single day. Craig Sager worked up until his death. I was given the opportunity to watch him from afar working the sidelines at a Warriors game last year. Sager looked frail and not in good condition. Nonetheless, he was able to work with a huge smile on his face and enjoy every second of what he was doing. Just like Sager, Scott continued to work with an immense enthusiasm, which was shown by a video from the ESPYs in 2014, even though he was diagnosed multiple times. Their passion was unmatched and easy to spot, either from Sager’s boisterous outfits or Scott’s multitude of catch phrases. No matter the circumstance, they brought love to the sports world. That love and exuberance are what I want to bring to my work every day in the sports world.

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