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It was one year ago today, April 13, 2016, when Kobe Bryant played his last game at Staples Center and as a Los Angeles Laker. He scored 60 points and finished the perfect send off with a game-winning shot.

It was one of the most spectacular displays of Kobe’s career. He started the game slow missing almost all of his shots (badly), but it didn’t force him to lose any confidence. He kept grinding and shooting (50 field goals) until the shots began to fall.

The best part was that Bryant could barely move. His body was falling apart and there was no doubt that he didn’t have all his stuff, but he still scored 60 points. I know he took 50 shots, but the man was in his 20th NBA season.

Despite all that came with his old age, Kobe still put on a clutch performance. In the fourth quarter, Bryant seemed to turn the clock back a decade. He scored 23 points in the last period, hit clutch shot after clutch shot bringing his team back from a 15-point deficit, and got his last NBA win by hitting a game-winning pull-up with 31 seconds left.

All Laker and Kobe fans know what happened a year ago today, so I will not talk any more about the game and, instead, let everyone enjoy these graphics and videos to relive the amazing night.

Long live No. 24, the 5 five-time Wold Champion and greatest Laker of all time.

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