Derek Carr on awkward Oakland, Las Vegas limbo: ‘That’s crazy’

Photo via Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is the unquestioned leader of his team’s locker room, making the fact that he immediately voiced his position on the Raiders’ relocation news as soon as it was announced, not surprising in the least.

Monday, Carr got his first sampling of what will become a litany of recycled questions which could linger for years, when he was asked about having to play in Oakland while knowing how the fans there feel after the Las Vegas relocation vote passed.

“That’s crazy. How do you keep playing somewhere you love and then you got to go play somewhere else that you are going to have to love and love the people there, just like we will.”

It is obvious Carr was disappointed about the Raiders relocation, for he has a very close connection to the people in the Bay Area. He played at Fresno State and in Oakland.

Nevertheless, Carr will always be positive no matter the outlook. He understands the heartbreak, but will be excited to play in front of and meet a whole new group of fans.

In regards to football, Carr thinks the relocation “doesn’t matter yet” as Oakland will not pack up and leave for at least two, maybe three years meaning that his only focus is on winning football games in 2017.

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!