Mark Cuban on Raiders relocation to Vegas: ‘Tends to backfire’

Photo via Eric Gay / Associated Press

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban expressed doubt in the Oakland Raiders’ plans to relocate to Las Vegas despite the NFL’s approval.

On ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Cuban was asked by ESPN’s Bob Ley what he thought on the NFL heading to Las Vegas. Here’s a snapshot of what Cuban said.

Cuban was not the biggest fan of the move and expressed skepticism in the Vegas market, claiming it was “smaller” and “transient.”

Typically, a smaller market could make it harder to make money from television deals and impact being able to sell tickets given that there are generally fewer people to sell the product to.

In addition, a transient market causes concern due to the lack of a consistent fan base. As such, the Vegas deal relies on a large portion of fans coming from opposing teams‘ cities to buy tickets.

Cuban went on to criticize the NFL because for “chasing every last dollar and that tends to backfire.”

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

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