5 reasons why Raiders’ Derek Carr is more valuable than Andrew Luck

Crabtree catch to beat Ravens 2016.jpg

Carr throws game-winning touchdown to Michael Crabtree (Photo via the Oakland Raiders)

No. 2, Carr is more clutch

Luck tends to throw interceptions early on in games before going on to be clutch enough to bring his Colts back in the fourth quarter, however, there isn’t a more clutch quarterback in the NFL than Carr at the present time.

Carr has been credited with 11 fourth quarter comebacks, per Pro Football Reference (while Luck has only had six in the past two seasons), and Carr just set the record for the most game-winning touchdown passes in a season in 2016.

Despite playing two fewer seasons than Luck, has only two less fourth-quarter comebacks in his entire career.

Broncos Super Bowl champs.jpg
Broncos win the 2015 Super Bowl (Photo via Arnie Papp)

No. 3, AFC West vs.  AFC South

Luck has played his entire career in one of the worst divisions in the NFL, a fact that shouldn’t be downplayed in comparisons such as this.

In 2016, the AFC West had a combined 38 wins compared to a paltry 29 wins from the AFC South. That fact isn’t too surprising considering the AFC West features teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs and 2015 Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, while the Houston Texans have won the South with nine wins in two straight years.

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