4 causes for concern in 2017 for the Oakland Raiders

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Photo via USA Today Sports Images

No. 3, Raiders’ Las Vegas relocation may become a distraction

The Raiders’ pending relocation to Las Vegas is not expected to happen until 2020, however, the team is expected to face an awkward home crowd for two more years in the Bay Area.

Raider Nation is among the most loyal fan bases in all of football, but some fans have been deeply wounded by Raiders owner Mark Davis’ decision to skip town as soon as possible.

Whether or not this fact impacts home games remains to be seen, but it is difficult to deny it being at least somewhat of a distraction for Raiders coach Jack Del Rio & Co.

Players also have to start thinking about their family’s future sooner, rather than later given that the team could face two moves before finally being settled due to the Oakland lease agreement.

In a league where the margins between a winner and loser are minuscule, the talk of relocation could make the difference.

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