Raiders 53-man roster projection 1.0: Offense

Walford Chargers.jpeg
Photo via AP Images

Tight End (4):

Lee Smith, Clive Walford, Jared Cook, Gabe Holmes

Notable cuts: None

McKenzie might look to keep four tight ends on this roster in order to help bolster his running game and protect against injury. As such, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see more double tight end sets in order to play to Lynch’s strengths in 2017.

If that is the case this season, then the Raiders will have to keep at least four tight ends on their roster and there is no way they’re parting ways with their new toy in tight end Jared Cook, nor the young and talented Clive Walford.

Veteran Raiders tight end Lee Smith brings a blocking dynamic that neither Walford and Cook can muster, and Gabe Holmes would provide depth in the run-blocking game should Smith suffer another injury setback this year.

(offensive line here)

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