Oakland Raiders’ ‘fastest in camp’ race ends in unique celebration

Photo via Tony Gonzalez, Oakland Raiders

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. hosted a camp this weekend for young Bay Area football players that looked to be quite fun.

It involved Raider players showing off their soccer skills and the camp members having an exciting race to end the day.

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The race, which involved just two camp members sporting the Nos. 8 and 43, was neck-and-neck. At first, it was difficult to decipher who won the race due to the chaos that ensued as the two players approached the finish line.

After the sprint, Norton brought the camp members and other fellow Oakland players together for an intense team huddle. It is hard to understand the meaning behind what Norton was saying, but it seemed like the players enjoyed it by chanting along energetically.

Overall, the camp perfectly exemplified Norton at his best. Even though this was a meaningless camp with teenagers, Norton still brought an immense passion that seemed to light a fire under each player.

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