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Charlotte Hornets Star Lamelo Ball Returns To The No. 1 Jersey Number

Star Lamelo Ball Of The Charlotte Hornets Reclaims The No. 1 Jersey Number

LaMelo Ball has played as number 2 for Charlotte Hornets since his rookie season. Playing as number 2, LaMelo Ball has achieved many milestones in his NBA career. Having his first-ever All-Star induction has averaged better than many players.

Star Lamelo Ball Of The Charlotte Hornets Reclaims The No. 1 Jersey Number

But one thing remains iffy for fans as LaMelo played number 2 since his introduction in the NBA. LaMelo Ball, who always played as number 1 in college, University, and even abroad, played as number 2 for his NBA franchise.

Ahead of the 2022-23 season of the NBA, Charlotte Hornets point guard, the All-Star hooper, LaMelo Ball decides to return back to the trusty number 1 jersey.

Why Switch To Number 1?

There is no definitive reason behind this switch but in a recent interview, the All-Star Player mentioned how he agreed to play in number 2 for his older brother, Lonzo Ball who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls. “I’m not supposed to wear number 2 ever again in my life,” said the 20-year-old Ball in a recent news video.

Before making his NBA debut in 2020, the 20-year-old basketball sensation wore Number 1 throughout his whole career.

Ball chose to wear the number 2 jersey in imitation of his elder brother Lonzo Ball of the Chicago Bulls since Malik Monk, a current Sacramento Kings player, wore the number 1 jersey with the Hornets.

He wants to be just him out there because he felt like number 1 is just his, the All-Star added further stating that It just doesn’t feel right to play at number 2 at that moment. It was cool last year because he wore number 2 for his brother because he didn’t play in his rookie season or whatever, and he thinks he got hurt or something. But this year, it doesn’t feel right.

LaMelo Ball Is Number 1

Throughout his career, Ball wore number 1, including while attending Chino Hills and SPIRE Academy for high school and while playing for the Illawarra Hawks abroad.

Notably, Lonzo Ball, LaMelo’s brother, has worn number 2 with the Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans, Chicago Bulls, UCLA, and various other teams.

That could be the reason behind Ball’s choice to switch since it might help to draw some differentiating factors between the two.

Players change their numbers for one of a few common reasons.

LaMelo Ball Is In Number 2

There are downswings in performance throughout a season, as there are with any player. LaMelo Ball’s debut season, though, was chock full of memorable moments.

LaMelo Ball has had no trouble getting going in his first season, unlike many other rookies.

The 6’6” point guard had experience playing in a competitive environment because, rather than going to college, he chose to play for the Illarawa Hawks in Australia.

After playing for the NBL for a year after graduating from high school, he was able to enter the NBA Draft.

For his outstanding efforts, the youngster received the NBA Rookie of the Year title.

He averaged 15.7 points and 5.9 rebounds throughout the course of the NBA season in 2020–21. 51 games, 6.1 assists, and 1.6 steals.

Growth In Charlotte Hornets

There have been a few all-stars who have come and gone all through the Charlotte Hornets franchise’s history, but it’s possible that none have attracted as much attention, notoriety, or star capability as point guard LaMelo Ball has.

Ball, who is only 20 years old, has already had a serious influence on the Hornets after being selected third overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. 

On Sunday night, he made history by becoming the fourth-youngest player in NBA history to wear an All-Star Game uniform.

If non-Hornets followers only recognized Ball as Lonzo Ball’s and LaVar Ball’s brother from “reality TV,” they now understand that he is a legitimate star and is headed to become one of the league’s headline players.

The Rise in All Stars Squad.

Ball, who was on Team Durant, decided to make the most out of his 23 minutes on one of the NBA’s biggest platforms while representing Team Durant, demonstrating once more that Charlotte is home to a future NBA superstar.

Ball concluded the match with 18 points, 3 assists, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals, along with some spectacular highlight reels, even though his team fell to Team LeBron.

The effort was unquestionably the best all-star beginning by a Charlotte player, and it was the Hornet’s second-highest point total in a game since Glen Rice scored 26 points in 1997, the year he won MVP honors.

Joel Embiid led Ball’s side in scoring with 36 points, Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns was second with 20, and Ball was third with 13.

The ball was indeed a storyline, something which people outside of Charlotte wouldn’t have even considered before the game. Stephen Curry may have been the star of the game with his unbelievable 16 3-pointers to finish with 50 points and win MVP honors, but Ball was a storyline.

The ball will hopefully return to this stage a number of times more, and given the way he currently plays, he has a chance to win the game’s MVP award in the future.

Fans of Charlotte should relax knowing that their team currently has a player with a very bright future on a night that focused on the game’s legends.

Ball’s Comments.

“It was amazing, I feel blessed. It was just a great experience,” said Ball after the All-Stars game.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, this past April, Ball told The Associated Press: “I’m not supposed to wear number 2 ever again in my life.”

I want to be just me out there because I feel like number 1 is just me, Ball added. “It just doesn’t feel right to play at number 2 at the moment. It was cool last year because I wore number 2 for my brother because he didn’t play in his rookie season or whatever; I think he got hurt or something. But this year, it doesn’t feel right.”

This Is How Fans Reacted

Fans have well supported the decision of LaMelo Ball to return to his Original Jersey number. Alongside that, people have been praising the Charlotte Hornets‘ decision of supporting LaMelo Ball. Supporters are amused and glad over this decision.

It is not natural for a team to make such a huge decision just because a player said to do so. LaMelo Ball has proved as a blessing for Charlotte Hornets. Even though the franchise has failed to qualify for playoffs in recent seasons, they’ve found a gem in LaMelo Ball and plan not to release him soon. 

Charlotte Supporters have tremendously appreciated this move and have high hopes for next season.

Who Wore Number 1 Before LaMelo Ball?

LaMelo Ball has been an on-court sensation and a fan favorite since his rookie year. The young 20-year-old phenom has put on a show every time he has played. LaMelo Ball’s number 2 jersey had reportedly been the fourteenth most selling jersey in the second half of the 2021-22 season.

Before LaMelo, the jersey number 1 was worn by Malik Monk, who now plays for the Sacramento Kings. In the last season, LaMelo Ball’s second season, i.e 2021-22, no one wore the jersey number 1 for Charlotte Hornets after the transfer of Malik Monk.

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