Best Chargers Twitter follows for 2017 season


On Sunday, the Los Angeles Chargers will begin their 2017 NFL campaign as they face off against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 of the NFL preseason. That means this is a great time for fans to make sure they are following all the best of the Bolts on social media.

Below, fans can find a list of some of the best of the past and present Chargers follows on Twitter.

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USA TODAY ranks LA Chargers defensive line No. 1 in NFL

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The Los Angeles Chargers’ defensive line corps has been ranked as the top group in all of the NFL, via USA TODAY Sports’ Nate Davis.

Below Davis makes his case for placing the Bolts above the Houston Texans at No. 1.

“Defensive rookie of the year Joey Bosa finished with 10 ½ sacks in just 12 games. He and newly minted Melvin Ingram, who’s converting from linebacker, could give J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney serious competition as the league’s top end tandem.”

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11 most important Los Angeles Chargers defensive players in 2017

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The Los Angeles Chargers have potential on defense as they ranked No. 16 in the NFL in yards against, but gave up the No. 29 most points in the NFL last season.

If the Chargers can improve defensively in the red zone and the offense turns the ball over less, then Los Angeles should have an impressive defense led by Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa.

Here are the 11 most important Chargers’ defensive players in 2017.

Brandon Mebane
Photo via AP Photo/Gregory Bull

No. 11 – DT Brandon Mebane

The Chargers lack depth in the middle of the defense. Los Angeles was both average against the run and the pass last season and will need to improve on defense if they want a shot at the AFC West crown.

Chargers defensive tackle Brandon Mebane has been a very productive player his entire career but is now 32-years-old. Therefore, he is going to have to work tirelessly during the summer to stop any sort of drop off in 2017.

A decline in play would be bad news for Los Angeles as he is their only consistently great player in the interior of the defensive line.

No. 10 – LB Jatavis Brown

With a weak interior of the defensive front, there could be a lot of free roaming running backs for the linebacker corps to chase down.

Chargers linebacker Jatavis Brown, a fifth-round pick from 2016, had a surprisingly impressive rookie campaign with an 80.8 Pro Football Focus player grade.

He has a bright future and will need to continue to improve with a lack of run stuffers at the defensive tackle position.

Korey Toomer.jpg
Photo via Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

No. 9 – LB Korey Toomer

Chargers linebacker Korey Toomer is in a similar position as Brown. Both of them were positives of the Los Angeles defense last season, and it is expected for them to be again in 2017.

Toomer and Brown need to play well in combination to help shut down the good running backs in the AFC West which include Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch.

The inside linebacker position should not worry Bolt Nation as the two young linebackers need to and will play well.

No. 8 – CB Jason Verrett

After an impressive first two seasons, Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett missed 12 games in 2016 and struggled in the four games he did play.

However, the AFC West is loaded with great wide receivers that force teams to have three good cornerbacks if they want to compete.

With that being said, Verrett has to regain his old form and become one of the three as there are not many capable replacements behind him.No. 7 – LB Jerry Attaochu

Chargers linebacker Jerry Attaochu missed eight games last season and did not have a good showing when he was out there.

Nonetheless, he was a good player during his first two seasons in the NFL and just needs to stay healthy.

If he can do so, he can set the edge and provide some pressure in the passing game.

Outside of Bosa and Mebane, there isn’t much on the defensive line. Attaochu can help make up for the deficiencies.

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Chargers’ Brandon Mebane struggled to find LA home as African American

Photo via AP Photo/Gregory Bull

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Everyone knew the Los Angeles Chargers’ move from San Diego to Los Angeles was going to be a tough transition as they are leaving a devoted fan base and a great city.

However, no one thought that the players would be suffering from racial biases during their move.

According to Chargers defensive tackle Brandon Mebane’s blog, many players, including himself, had trouble renting housing because of their skin color. This has been an issue for Mebane in San Diego and Los Angeles.

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Despite the fact they “exceeded the standard tenant requirements”, they were often “denied” with a “tier 1 credit score, references, a cover letter, and advanced payment.”

In addition, tenants “changed the requirements on another teammate after his family submitted their application so that they would no longer be eligible” to rent the home.

Just remember, this is an affluent, high-status professional football player that is being denied. No matter what, racism can’t be evaded in today’s world.

Being denied the right to live somewhere based upon race is preposterous. It goes to show how divided our country still is and that there is still plenty of work to do towards equality.

Mebane’s experience isn’t the exception, but it is the norm.

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Los Angeles Chargers DT Brandon Mebane to give away signed game-day jersey

Photo via AP Photo/Gregory Bull

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Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle Brandon Mebane has an exciting offer for Charger fans to win a free signed game day jersey.

All one has to do is sign up for his newsletter and they will automatically be entered for a chance to win.

Any information regarding the giveaway can be found on the tweet below or on his website, which is also listed in his tweet.

This should be an exciting opportunity for Bolt fans, for Mebane is one of the best players on the team and he is offering a $250 value for almost nothing.

However, for diehard Charger fans, winning the jersey would be invaluable and would provide a forever lasting memory.

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