Chargers’ Brandon Mebane struggled to find LA home as African American

Photo via AP Photo/Gregory Bull

The article can also be found on the Chargers Wire!

Everyone knew the Los Angeles Chargers’ move from San Diego to Los Angeles was going to be a tough transition as they are leaving a devoted fan base and a great city.

However, no one thought that the players would be suffering from racial biases during their move.

According to Chargers defensive tackle Brandon Mebane’s blog, many players, including himself, had trouble renting housing because of their skin color. This has been an issue for Mebane in San Diego and Los Angeles.

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Despite the fact they “exceeded the standard tenant requirements”, they were often “denied” with a “tier 1 credit score, references, a cover letter, and advanced payment.”

In addition, tenants “changed the requirements on another teammate after his family submitted their application so that they would no longer be eligible” to rent the home.

Just remember, this is an affluent, high-status professional football player that is being denied. No matter what, racism can’t be evaded in today’s world.

Being denied the right to live somewhere based upon race is preposterous. It goes to show how divided our country still is and that there is still plenty of work to do towards equality.

Mebane’s experience isn’t the exception, but it is the norm.

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Chargers’ LaDainian Tomlinson: Spanos ‘did not want to leave’

Photo via Deviant Art

The article can also be found on the Chargers Wire!

Former San Deigo Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson had a lot to say about the Chargers’ recent relocation during an interview with Mighty 1090AM’s Marty Caswell.

He mentioned that Chargers owner Dean Spanos “was tore up about it…[and] did not want to leave.” The family seems interested in alleviating the anger when the time is right as they were “hurt” by the move as well.

Despite that opportunity not being here yet, Spanos has already hired Tomlinson, who has ties to San Diego and has helped former San Diego Chargers employee Bill Johnston fight Huntington’s disease.

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In regards to Tomlinson, he was put in the tough position to try to mend the tensions between the fans and the organization. Most of San Diego did not understand that Spanos wanted to stay but was not given a realistic option to do so.

Now, Tomlinson seems to be the unofficial ambassador for the move, for he played in San Diego, just took a job with the organization and wore a San Diego proud shirt during the interview.

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The future Hall of Famer also mentioned that fans “want [him] to choose” a side. Unfortunately, Tomlinson “can’t do that,” but he would “continue to support the community.”

Overall, Spanos and Tomlinson want to make it right. Everyone just needs to have patience until the initial anger of the fan base subsides.