December 23 Bowl Game Previews

Photo via Associated Press/Orlin Wagner

Today, the bowl games start ramping up, and if you play your cards right you won’t need to turn off ESPN for the whole day. They might not be the most important of games ranking-wise, but bowl games always prove to be high-stakes and exciting.

Bahamas Bowl: Old Dominion vs Eastern Michigan 

Nassau, Bahamas

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Winner: Old Dominion

This is a big game for both teams. Old Dominion hasn’t ever been to a bowl game (although they’re a new program), and Eastern Michigan hasn’t been to a bowl game since 1987. Old Dominion has an impressive run game that will be hard for EMU to contain, but EMU has a stellar defense that will probably be up to the task. Old Dominion hasn’t lost since mid-October, and I don’t think they’ll start now. The offense’s dual run and pass threat will ultimately defeat Eastern Michigan.

Armed Forces Bowl: Navy vs. Louisiana Tech

Fort Worth, Texas

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4:30PM (EST)

Winner: Louisiana Tech

A couple weeks ago, a Navy win would be easy to predict. After their star QB being injured, however, it’s much harder to predict. Navy is still ranked #25 and has a stellar triple-option run game, but the Bulldogs have been effective at stopping the run all season, only allowing 134.4 rushing yards per game. The Bulldogs also have an advantage with QB Ryan Higgins, who is #3 in the nation for passing yards (4,208) and a 65.8% success rate with passes. Navy has a hard time protecting the pass, and I think ultimately this will decide the game, however close it is.

Dollar General Bowl: Ohio vs Troy

Mobile, Alabama

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Winner: Troy

Both of these teams are great at run defense, and tonight might just depend on who can pass the ball better. Looking at the numbers, the Trojans have the advantage with 3,151 yards on the season. It also helps that the game is being payed less than 200 miles away from the Troy stadium, so plenty of fans will be there to give them something like a home field advantage. Ultimately, Troy will come out on top.