Tar Takes: Should Raider Nation be worried about home-field advantage in Las Vegas?

Oakland Raiders’ future Las Vegas Stadium photo via MANICA Architecture

After seeing many Washington Capitals fans fill the Las Vegas Golden Knight’s arena during Game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup Final, should the Oakland Raiders and Mark Davis be worried about keeping a special home-field advantage in Las Vegas once the Raiders move there in a few seasons.

This podcast expands on an article originally written on SB Nation’s Silver and Black Pride here.

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Should Raider Nation be worried about home-field advantage in Las Vegas?

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Oakland Raiders’ Mark Davis has funky tailgating plan for Vegas stadium

Photo via Christian K. Lee/Getty

The Oakland Raiders have always had an incredible tailgating experience. It is what makes Raider Nation and the franchise so special as there are thousands of fans cooking, eating, drinking, and tossing footballs around before the game kicks off in Oakland.

Raiders owner Mark Davis realized how special that atmosphere was and made it a priority when considering locations and proposals for the new stadium he desperately wanted.

However, his goal of having a tailgating experience in Las Vegas seems to be far-fetched at best.

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Raiders’ Derek Carr thinks team meant to impact Oakland

Photo via Getty Images

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Despite the Oakland Raiders expected relocation to Las Vegas in 2020, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr still believes he has a purpose for the city of Oakland.

When asked about what the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders mean to the city of Oakland at today’s press conference, Carr mentioned that “[God] placed us here on this team to impact [Oakland].”

With the Warriors winning two titles in the past three seasons, Carr has easily been able to see the joy that has been put on every Oakland fan’s face and the power a sports team possesses.

With that in mind, it seems Carr fully believes that he will make a similar impact to the city of Oakland, as Golden State, before the team leaves for Las Vegas by winning a Super Bowl.

Hopefully, he does, for Carr was not in good standing after his comments immediately following the approval of the Raiders’ relocation to Sin City.

Bay Area fans to orchestrate legal fight vs. NFL over Oakland Raiders relocation

Photo via Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As everyone knows, the Oakland Raiders won their relocation vote 31-1 on March 27 to move the team to Las Vegas in 2020.

However, the team belongs in Oakland. The deal to move to Las Vegas has many question marks including taking over $1 billion in debt, alienating their fan base that made the organization special, hurting the Vegas citizens by using $1 billion in funds that could go elsewhere, and Vegas is one recession or bad football team away from having major issues selling out.

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In opposition to the move, Oakland Raider diehards, Forever Oakland and We Stand With Oakland, have organized a legal team to fight the movement involving star-studded legal lineup of Jim Quinn and Eric Hotchstad.

Quinn has represented and won with major companies including CBS, ESPN, Exxon Mobile, and Marvel. He has also represented players in all the major American sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and NHL. In his case against the NFL, he won NFL players the right to free agency.

The other representative, Hotchstad, has represented CBS, eBay, GE, MasterCard and Stubhub and was recognized on the “Under 40 Hot List” in 2016 by Benchmark Litigation.

More on Quinn and Hotchstad can be found with these links.

Without a doubt, the Raider Nation has mobilized to raise money to bring in an elite legal team that rarely loses and has consistently taken on big corporations.

Today, the group had a press conference (can be watched below) announcing that they are in the exploratory phase. They will be looking at what argument they can build and what plans of action they will take against the NFL.

It is unknown what course of actions they are going to take now, but it is obvious the Raider fans in Oakland will put up a fight. Even though it is a longshot to get anything accomplished, Oakland has fought long odds before and won.

For those in Raider Nation who are interesting in helping the cause and keeping the Raiders in their rightful city of Oakland, you can donate by clicking this link.


Raiders megafan Dr. Death poised to fight Raiders’ relocation

Photo via Hector Amezcua The Sacramento Bee

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

The Oakland Raiders were approved for relocation to Las Vegas by the NFL owners on March 27 in a 31-1 vote.

For most people, that would signal the end of ever seeing the Raiders find a long-term solution in Oakland. However, for the Raider Nation diehards in the Bay Area, the fight will not end until the day they see a Raiders football game at their expected new stadium in Vegas.

A group of fans and civic leaders have put together a legal team, via the Mercury News’ Elliot Almond, to see what fight they can put up against the team leaving the city of Oakland for the second time.

Here is a detailed account of the legal representation, per well-known Raiders fan Dr. Death. 

Who knows what this group will be able to accomplish, for the NFL usually does whatever it pleases since they have 32 billionaires at their disposal.

Nonetheless, this is what makes the Oakland fan base special as they will never give up in a fight until the dire end, much like the football team we saw on the field in 2016.

4 causes for concern in 2017 for the Oakland Raiders

Written by Ryan Lipton
Photo via Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

With NFL free agency nearly over and the NFL draft squarely in the rear-view mirror for the Oakland Raiders, the time to look forward is now.

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has done a commendable job at stockpiling talent at key positions while not overplaying his hand this offseason, but the team still has some vital questions to answer this season.

Here are the four biggest causes for concern heading into 2017 for Oakland.


Marquel Lee practice.jpeg
Photo via D. Ross Cameron (AP Photo)


No. 4, No help in the middle of the defense

McKenzie didn’t do a lot this offseason to address the team’s concern at inside linebacker, only signing former Miami Dolphins inside linebacker Jelani Jenkins and drafting Marquel Lee in the fifth round.

This is somewhat confusing after McKenzie allowed team leader in tackles Malcolm Smith to walk in free agency and has still not entertained re-signing Perry Riley at the time of publication despite his posting a top-20 season at his position in 2016.

Unfortunately, Jenkins posted the worst Pro Football Focus grade of all qualifying linebackers in the NFL last year (31.3), and Lee is expected to struggle in coverage as he’s known as a downhill linebacker primarily.

McKenzie also cut the team’s healthiest and most productive defensive tackle last season in Dan Williams, leaving yet another cavernous void to fill in the center of the team’s defense. The move was made to make salary cap room for Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, but the replacements McKenzie have brought in again are suspect.

After leaping much higher than they had to in order to draft a fifth-round prospect in Raiders rookie defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes, McKenzie did snare a good value selection in the seventh round in DT Treyvon Hester.

However, relying on two rookies and the services of players such as Raiders defensive tackles Darius Latham and Justin Ellis (each of whom struggled mightily last season) seems risky at best.

When that fact is partnered with the massive question marks at middle linebacker, Oakland may find themselves in quite the conundrum up the middle of their defense in 2017.

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Raiders stadium in Las Vegas might not be ready until 2021

Photo via MANICA Architecture

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

The Oakland Raiders might have to wait one more year until they head to Las Vegas. They were originally expected to move in 2020 to Sin City, but now it is looking like the move will be pushed back one more year.

The Raiders currently do not have a lease agreement and one needs to be agreed upon before construction of the stadium can begin.

Once there is an agreement, it still must be approved by the NFL owners, which can only be done at an NFL owners meeting.

There is an owners meeting May 22-23, but not again until October, per NBC Sport’s Scott Bair.

“If you miss the May deadline and push to October, we would lose a year,” Raiders President Marc Badain said after a Las Vegas Stadium Authority board meeting Thursday.

Seven days is an extremely short window to finalize a lease of this magnitude, but it may be the deadline the Raiders are facing if they still desire a 2020 move-in date.

Facing multiple seasons without a planned temporary home isn’t an ideal situation, however, Raiders owner Mark Davis will not be without options to rent out space.

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

Mark Cuban on Raiders relocation to Vegas: ‘Tends to backfire’

Photo via Eric Gay / Associated Press

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban expressed doubt in the Oakland Raiders’ plans to relocate to Las Vegas despite the NFL’s approval.

On ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Cuban was asked by ESPN’s Bob Ley what he thought on the NFL heading to Las Vegas. Here’s a snapshot of what Cuban said.

Cuban was not the biggest fan of the move and expressed skepticism in the Vegas market, claiming it was “smaller” and “transient.”

Typically, a smaller market could make it harder to make money from television deals and impact being able to sell tickets given that there are generally fewer people to sell the product to.

In addition, a transient market causes concern due to the lack of a consistent fan base. As such, the Vegas deal relies on a large portion of fans coming from opposing teams‘ cities to buy tickets.

Cuban went on to criticize the NFL because for “chasing every last dollar and that tends to backfire.”

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

Rich Eisen blocks Las Vegas in Raiders fifth round of NFL draft

Photo via the Associated Press

The Oakland Raiders were planning to announce each of their draft picks on Day 3 from Las Vegas.

The fourth round announcement involved Nevada governor Brian Sandoval standing in front of the famous welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign.

The NFL Network aired that announcement, but per the advisement of senior anchor Rich Eisen they took a different course in the following round.

During their live broadcast coverage of the 2017 NFL draft Eisen said he felt it was too “harsh” to Oakland fans to show their team announcing its picks from Las Vegas again.

The network did not throw to Vegas as Eisen suggested — and the show rolled on.

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire! 

Raiders’ Mark Davis on keeping team in Oakland: ‘I offered 20 percent of the team’

photo via Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!

With many Bay Area Oakland Raiders fans heartbroken and upset over owner Mark Davis relocating the team to Las Vegas, the second generation owner decided to go on 95.7 the game with JT “The Brick” Tuesday to clear the air as much as he can at this point.

Shockingly, Davis revealed that he went so far as to offer up 20 percent of his franchise to keep the team in the East Bay, only to be strung along and ultimately disrespected.

“There is a myth out there that I wouldn’t put up equity to help drive a deal in Oakland. That is the farthest thing from the truth. I offered 20 percent of the team to be purchased by Colony Capital at a very reduced value. I also did the same thing for Floyd Kephart. I offered 20 percent of the team so that a developer that came in, should the city provide us with the land through either a long-term lease at very favorable rates or some type of sale that again was at very favorable rates, that we would be able to bring a developer in and with them having been able to purchase an equity stake in the Raiders at a low value we would be able to share and that would give us the ability to fill the funding gap that we had.”

Perhaps the most surprising part of the interview was that Davis offered to sell 20 percent of the team to Floyd Kephart of Colony Capital and the Oakland Athletics, in order to help raise money to keep the team in the East Bay.

The two sides weren’t able to strike a deal despite Davis stating that he was close to securing one with Colony Capital in the summers of 2013 and 2014. However, when the Oakland Athletics signed a 10-year lease with the city shortly thereafter followed by the city exponentially increasing the Raiders’ rent — Davis stated he felt disrespected and that a deal wasn’t likely to ever come to fruition.

With the Raiders stuck in Oakland for at least the 2017 season, fans can expect to continue to hear both Davis and Schaaf get on their public relations kicks early and often.

Stay tuned.

The article can also be found on the Raiders Wire!