Christian Pulisic: The United States’ one shot at stardom

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

United States forward Christian Pulisic, an 18-year-old from Hershey, Pennsylvania, is taking the soccer world by storm.

He might have been born in the United States, but he looks different from any other US soccer player in history, for he has the chance to be the best American soccer player of all time. That is no joke.

Borussia Dortmund

Despite being brought up in the US, Pulisic knew he could be special from a very young age and moved overseas, to Germany, at the age of 15 to play soccer. Obviously, this move was the right one as Pulisic is reaping major benefits just a few years later.

In 2015, Pulisic joined the Bundesliga’s powerhouse Borussia Dortmund’s youth team. It took just 15 games, 10 goals and 8 assists, before the 17-year-old was called up to be a member of the Borussia Dortmund first team.

Once he joined the first team, Pulisic got limited playing time with a few starts here and there. On April 17, Pulisic scored his first goal in a 3-0 win over Hamburger SV. The goal made him the youngest foreigner to score in the Bundesliga and the fourth youngest player of all time to score in the league.

Five days later, Pulisic slotted the ball into the back of the net for his second career goal to become the youngest player in league history to score two goals.

Now, Pulisic is a common fixture in the starting 11 for Dortmund and has exploded onto the scene in the UEFA cup. In the round of 16, against Benfica, he scored his first UEFA goal and an assist.

The next time Pulisic takes the field in the Champions league is April 11 vs. Monaco.

United States Men’s National Team

Not only is the young US star getting great experience in Europe, he is playing incredibly well on some of the biggest stages for one of the premier teams in the world.

His play in Europe has easily translated to the United States. Pulisic has made a huge impact for the US with three goals and five assists in the past seven games.

Pulisic’s display of brilliance has really been on display in the past two World Cup Qualifiers for the US. He has had one goal and three assists in the last two games with some incredible highlights (below).

Make no mistake, the Pennsylvania native was instrumental in the US’s 6-0 win over Honduras and we should all expect to see more performances like this in the future.
Pulisic has skills that are rare to see in any US player. He has a talent that we have only seen in US legends like Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan. The big difference is that Pulisic possesses this skill at just 18 years of age.
Furthermore, Donovan and Dempsey played the early parts of their career in the MLS, which stunted the possible growth that they could have experienced if they chose to play against the world’s best.
In terms of Pulisic’s play now, he is able to pass with precision, hold possession, and beat people off the ball better than any US player in memory. He has proven to be a solid scorer, but most importantly, he has proved adept at setting up his teammates for good chances and goals.

Ultimately, Pulisic is the best young soccer player the US has ever seen. If he continues the progression he is on, he will not only be a US star, but a star in professional soccer in Europe. There is a reason Borussia Dortmund signed him to the team many years ago and is now placing him in the first 11 consistently. He is a stud and has a ton of potential.
If Pulisic keeps it up, we are going to see many more 6-0 wins for the US and multiple goal/assist performances from the Dortmund winger.
He is the first US soccer player that has the potential to reach stardom in Europe and is the ticket for US relevance in the World Cup.
Watch out, Russia 2018, Pulisic is coming!