Abinader’s busy schedule in Chile and Argentina

Abinader’s busy schedule in Chile and Argentina

President Louis Abinader attended the inauguration of Gabriel Borick as President of Chile yesterday, as a continuation of his agenda in South America.

The order was exchanged with the Dominican ruler, Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez, at the National Congress’ Honor of Honor in Valparaiso.

After the ceremony, Abinader attended the Cerro Castillo Palace, Vina del Mar, where he served lunch to state and government leaders who attended the inauguration ceremony. There he went with his wife, First Lady Rahul Arbaje.

On Wednesday, March 9, the first day of the meeting, President Abinader and Argentine President Alberto Fernandez signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Hydrocarbon Development.

It aims to enhance and enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of hydrocarbons.

The Agreement seeks cooperation and assistance in the development and / or implementation of a legal framework that allows for the establishment of legal and economic fundamentals to facilitate public and / or private investment in improving the exploration and exploitation activities of hydrocarbons. The Dominican Republic is located on the territory and coast. Another agreement between the Dominican and Argentine governments is the blueprint for the implementation of the Transplant Surgery Agreement between the Ministry of Public Health and the National Institutes of Dominican Republic’s Coordination for Transplant Surgery and the Ministry of Health and the National Central Unique Agency. Coordinator of Removal and Implantation of the Republic of Argentina.


Air cooperation

The Dominican President had the opportunity to sign an air cooperation agreement with his Ecuadorian representative Guillermo Lasso in San Diego de Chile, which aims to promote trade and economic growth in both countries.

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