Who Is Layna Boo? Know Net Worth, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend


Many people have risen to prominence in the world of fashion and style in the recent past. Another set of celebrities has become equally well-known as a result of TikTok’s growing popularity. With her moves on Instagram and TikTok, Layna Boo, a Canadian celebrity, has gained a lot of attention recently. Fans had flocked to this star because of its hot reels and well-known moves.

How Much Did Layna Earn? Know More Facts

The net worth of an actor, such as Layna boo, is no longer as difficult to estimate as it once was. Layna Boo has appeared in numerous ad campaigns and affiliate marketing programs. Because she has established herself as a brand, she has been able to generate revenue solely through her image.

Who Is Layna Boo? Net Worth, Age, Career, Height, Boyfriend

Layna Boo has a net worth in excess of 5 million dollars. Some of her most lucrative revenue streams come from her work in brand advertising and social media product promotion.

Layna Born On

January 18, 1995, was the date Layna Boo was born. She is now 26 years old, based on her birth year of 1995, and is a household name in her native Canada. Layna has a huge fan base made up primarily of people in her 20s and 30s, making her a beloved role model among the younger generation. This level of fame at the age of 26 is not a joke, and the digital revolution is to blame for it.

Height And Weight

For most people, height is no longer a defining characteristic of attractiveness, as Layna exemplifies. Layna isn’t a supermodel at 5’6″, but her social media following dwarfs even the most well-known faces in the Canadian fashion industry.

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NET WORTH5 million dollar
BORN ONJanuary 18, 1995

Layna Boo is a health-conscious performer who is proud to show off her toned physique in front of her devoted fan base. She’s one of those TikTokers who’s popular on other social media platforms, too.

Layna Boo’s Dating Rumors

Layna Boo’s dating rumors have been rife, but most of them were based on unsubstantiated speculations. Canadian fashion vlogger, 26, is most likely single or in a private relationship at this time. Layna seems to be having a great time on her own, despite the fact that many TikTokers are eager to learn more about her personal life.


It’s no secret that Layna has become a multi-millionaire thanks to the massive following she’s built up on social media and the money she’s made through her Onlyfans account. Ads, endorsements, and a loyal Onlyfans community that pays to watch her moves on a premium subscription basis are still the primary sources of revenue for her. Layna’s success is largely due to her attractiveness and ability to connect with her audience.