What Age Is Becky G? Date Of Birth, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, And More


Heavily sought-after American actress, singer, and song songwriter Becky G In 2011 came to the notice of the public for the first time. Currently, producers were happy with the videos she uploaded to her own channel and put on other sites. Her door was then pounded on by opportunities, and she finally decided to accept a role in a major motion picture. That’s how she got her start in the business world. Rebecca Marie Gomez is the only name that fits her.

What Was Becky G Before She Was Famous:

At 2:02 a.m. on March 2, Inglewood, California was the proud mother of Rebecca Marie Gomez. Aged 25, she is a woman (as of 2022). Her parents, Francisco (Frank) and Alejandra (Alex) Gomez, are both of Mexican ancestry, hence she is genetically descended from Mexicans. Stephanie Gomez is Stephanie Gomez’s younger sister, along with two brothers.

What Age Is Becky G Date Of Birth, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, And More

We were able to piece together some facts regarding her educational background, despite the fact that there are still many unknowns. According to the available information, she completed her elementary school education at a nearby school before deciding to continue her studies at home owing to issues with bullying. After that, she proceeded to college to earn a master’s degree.

Becky G’s Singing Career:

Becky’s professional life began when she was just a kid. Finally, her performances in acting and modeling drew a wider audience, which helped her progress. This is where she is now since she released her own videos online, which attracted the attention of a few producers. As a result of Dr. Luke’s admiration for her skill, she signed a contract with RCA Records in 2011.

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In 2013, she released her debut album, Becky From The Block to critical and commercial acclaim. Becky’s rise to fame may be traced in large part to the success of her single, “Shower.” To get to this point, all she did was sing songs one after the other. One of her most popular Spanish-language songs, “Sin Pijama,” was a worldwide smash. She sings pop hooks, rap, Latin melodies, and many other styles of music.

Salary And Net Worth:

With her fame and wealth, Becky G may have a net worth in the neighborhood of $2.7 million. Actress, songwriter, model, and singer-songwriter are the primary sources of her earring. As a result, it is reasonable to presume that she makes a big salary.


CoverGirl, Mcdonald’s, and Hollywood movies are just some of the businesses she has worked with in the past. There are reports that she has a luxury lifestyle, including multiple imported cars, according to the information.

A Look At My Private Life:

Becky’s height is approximately 5’1″ and she weighs approximately 48 kilograms as she adheres to a strict diet in order to remain physically healthy. Sebastian Lletget, an American soccer player, is her long-term boyfriend and the couple’s sole legal cohabitant. They have no children together. A member of the Major League Soccer team LA Galaxy since 2015, Sebastian has also represented the United States at the international level. In 2016, they came clean to the media about their relationship.

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Despite the fact that her personal and professional lives were the subject of scandal in the past, everything has been put to rest now.