Who Is Do Kwon Terra? Net Worth, Career, Age, Wife, Nationality & More!!


Do Kwon is a South Korean Chief executive officer and co-founder of Terra. He is one of the most important entrepreneurs who has achieved a huge amount of success in the shortest interval of time. 

He practiced a lot to initiate a perfect startup, but after failing for a considerable amount of time, he finally launched Terra. This is a famous startup that has been able to get a huge amount of responses from customers. This is nothing but a blockchain-based payment system.

Do Kwon Terra Life And Times

He was born in 1993 in South Korea. He is 29 years old for the time being. Not many details are known about his family and his siblings. He was a very bright student interested in business management from the very beginning. 

Do Kwon completed his High School Education in South Korea, and then he got admission to the famous Oxford Business School. He decided to make the most of his opportunity and became the topper in University. 


He was offered a placement at famous companies in The United States of America and the United Kingdom. But he decided to be an entrepreneur instead of an employee. At the age of 22, he made his first plan of initiating a Startup, but that failed. After that, he was also responsible for becoming the only person from South Korea to have collaborated with two other people to launch his famous startup Terra. 

It happened in the year 2016. He made a business idea to launch a blockchain-based payment system that would be able to connect with the payment mechanism throughout the world. He was able to invite many people to his team, which all resulted in the success of his plan. It is also important to mention that many people liked his business idea, and that is why he was able to reach funding to develop his business further. 

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This was the biggest achievement of his life, and there has been no looking back since then. He has launched many of the associated products under the name of his startup, and all of them have been able to make a huge amount of evolution in the technological industry. This is one of the best types of achievements that he has made. 

Estimated Net worth 

His entire share in his company is around 33% for the time being. His net worth is around 15 million dollars. He gets a share of the profit from his startup, and at the same time, he has invested in the capacity of being an investor in many upcoming startups.

He has also diversified his portfolio of investments, and due to this, he makes a huge amount of money every time. 


It becomes important to mention that not much information is available concerning his relationships and marital status.

He was always career-oriented and never got involved in any controversies. He is one of the most dedicated individuals who has made a huge amount of difference in the entire industry.

Height And Weight 

His height is 5 feet and 6 inches. His weight is around 67 kg. He is also a fitness expert who tries to maintain his health in the best possible way. 


He is one of the most famous and wonderful personalities who has set a benchmark for other people to follow. He is responsible for acting in many great ways. 


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