Russia’s description of the color of Russian astronauts


(CNN) – The trio of Russian astronauts arrived at the International Space Station on Friday wearing bright yellow airplanes with blue trim, raising questions about whether the trio were wearing their national colors and showing resemblance to Ukraine. They condemn the invasion of their own government.

Although these cases may be a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, there are other possible explanations.

The head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos speculated in the media that the astronauts were supporting Ukraine: “Some cowardly pirates here and their Anglo supporters do not know what else to come up with in the information war against Russia.” The group did not represent Ukraine, but wore the colors of his alma mater – Baman Moscow State Technical University.

“Sometimes the color yellow is yellow. The new crew’s suit is designed to match the colors of the logo of the Baman State Technical University in Moscow, from which three astronauts graduated. The design of the uniforms was integrated before the current events. [en propaganda]”, Another Roscosmos official wrote on his Telegram channel as“ Closed Space ”.

The astronauts usually choose their flight suits months before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but it is not clear when the astronauts chose the yellow and blue color scheme.

“As for Soyuz aircraft, crews usually meet with the suite maker a few months before the flight, and they are allowed two custom suits,” the NASA astronaut aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft told CNN. “Usually one suite is the same across the board, the second suite is unique.”

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“I think it will be a real challenge to make and launch these (aircraft boxes) at the last minute. However, it is not impossible, ”the astronaut added.

When the three astronauts arrived at the space station on Friday, they spoke to phone callers, one of whom asked about yellow, to which Commander Oleg Artemiev jokingly replied, “We really had a lot of yellow stuff, so we had to use it. That’s why we wear yellow.” Had to.

Artemiev and his fellow astronauts Denis Matveev and Sergei Korsakov will stay on the space station for the next six months.