Did Selena Gomez Apologize After Addressing Hailey Bieber’s Shade Accusations?


Every passing day can bring new headlines to Hollywood. Some of them surprise the public and the Hollywood actors and actresses. Something similar to this has happened with the famous actress Selena Gomez. Hailey Bieber fans confronted her after she posted a Tik Tok video.

This Tik Tok video created a huge dissatisfaction because many people felt that it was nothing but a strategy to mock Justin Bieber’s wife. All of these allegations have been denied by Selena Gomez for the time being. 

What Fuelled Up The Matters Between The Two 

It was a bad day for Selena Gomez altogether. When she posted a video on Tik Tok, she was confronted by so many fans of Justin Bieber’s wife. This video was about Selena Gomez’s makeup and skincare routine. This was similar to what Justin Bieber’s wife had denied a few days back in a recent public event. 

Selena Gomez was attempting to mock the skills and knowledge of Justin Bieber’s wife in the video concerning makeup and daily skincare routine by depicting her as a bad woman with zero knowledge in this category. This was the impression captured by the fans of Justin Bieber’s wife. 

Support For Selena 

It becomes important to mention that Selena Gomez is not alone in this fight. All her fans and Public Relations associations have come forward to prove that she is innocent. Even Selena Gomez wholesale has confirmed that she was only posting the video in good without any bad intention to mock Hailey Bieber.


She never had any rivalry with her. She repeatedly confirms this in all public meetings and public events. But it is important to mention that she has never been apologetic concerning this conduct because she considered that she did not do anything wrong.

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The Reaction Of Justin Bieber 

All of this has increased the further complications to a great extent between the two of them. Their fans have been respectively engaging in social media debates and exchanges of conversations in which they try to get in touch with each other and defame the other person.


This is something which is not acceptable, at least between the two most reputed persons in Hollywood. It has changed the Dynamics of the relationship that Selina Gomez and Justin Bieber have enjoyed with each other ever since the Breakup. 

Targeting And The Blame Game 

Even Justin Bieber is not happy with how Selena Gomez has been trying to target his wife. It results in the development of next-level animosity between them, which is not healthy concerning professional commitment. This will make matters worse for The Other type of teams to handle the upcoming projects they have signed with each other. 


This matter is expected to get heated up because the debate between the fans on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter does not seem to end anytime soon. It becomes important to control these emotions as soon as possible.