Terror in Japan: The most shocking videos of the earthquake in Fukushima

Terror in Japan: The most shocking videos of the earthquake in Fukushima

Shocking pictures were reported on Wednesday night in the area Fukushima, JapanNext A magnitude 7.3 earthquake has shaken millions of homes and triggered a tsunami alert on the northeast coast of the archipelago..

Security cameras located on the street captured the exact moment of the earthquake. You can see it in the following video A car on a highway when everything around it is moving.

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake shakes Japan

The epicenter was reported at 11:36 pm (local time) at a depth of 60 km off the coast of Fukushima, according to official sources. Finally, The tsunami alert was issued on May 17 at 5 am (local time).

The first reports speak for themselves At least 69 people were injured in various accidents related to the quake, and one died in the city of Soma in Fukushima.According to the company Reuters. On the other hand, the power outage affected two million homes, of which 700,000 were in the capital, Tokyo, according to TEPCO Energy.

In another video that went viral on social websites, you can see the thrilling scene. On a quiet street in Japan, Someone recorded how traffic signals and snack machines move near the parking lot.

The most notable thing, however, was the tremor A citizen walks in as if nothing has happened and takes the time to throw something in the trash.

Shocking images of the earthquake in Fukushima

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, Small tsunamis occurred in many places, Including 30-centimeters in Ishinomaki port in Miyagi province and 20-centimeters in Sendai port.

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The quake also affected Tokyo, 275 kilometers away., The tremors of the buildings were long and pronounced. According to the government, there were some fires and many people were injured, but no one was seriously injured. On the other hand, The Shinkansen bullet train derailed with about 100 people on board, although no injuries were reported.

You can watch another video that went viral on social websites The incredible movement that created the earthquake that surprised the Japanese just minutes before midnight.

The security camera that captures the images moves with the high-pressure cables that cross the plane, and the electric tower visible on the right side of the screen collapses.

This is how the earthquake struck Fukushima

Due to the magnitude of the earthquake, the earthquake brought back bad memories of the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. A week later Eleventh anniversary of the catastrophic eruption at the Daichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan is still recovering.

According to a Reuters report, This time Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirmed that there were no conflicts at the nuclear power plants.