Weak Hero Chapter 183 Soon To Be Released!! Will Gray Defeat The Bullies


Bullies are out of the game as soon as they start picking on students. This type of teacher is known as a tyrant because they focus on punishing the weakest students in their classrooms. Unlike Gray, who hadn’t yet made an appearance, the others had. Because of this mysterious new student, the established order is in jeopardy.

A cunning and vicious fighting style causes opponents to fall to the ground, begging for mercy from his merciless adversary, despite his diminutive stature. Because of a new and unconventional hero’s rise, the school’s most ferocious bullies are on a time crunch for justice.

Is Gray Having Any Difficulties At This Point In Time?

Chapter 183 of Weak Hero is expected to be released this week. The film will also feature a visually stunning action sequence. During Gray’s absence, a boy who had bullied Gale in the previous episode was punished severely. Gray, on the other hand, didn’t hit or humiliate him in any way. Thus, he was exposed as a dishonest person by his colleagues.

Weak Hero Chapter 183 Soon To Be Released!! Will Gray Defeat The Bullies

Gray will follow the authorities’ orders and go to the rooftop in the upcoming episode. He had a nagging suspicion that something wasn’t quite right. Consequently, he intends to pack as much safety gear as possible for the trip.

The events of Chapter 183 have left Weak Hero in a predicament.

On the bully’s previous outing, things didn’t go as planned, and this time was no exception. Instead of beating Gale up on the rooftop, he was punched in the face. When Gray discovers what he’s been up to while he was away, the worst is yet to come. Coming up in the next chapter is a return to the daily drudgery of school. Gale’s bullies, on the other hand, are determined to assist him in his endeavors.

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After vowing to Yeon Gray’s seniors near the end of the chapter, the bully showed up and delivered on his promise. A beaten bully returns to Gray to inquire about the whereabouts of the Billiards game after he is beaten up in the end. He invited him to join him for a game of pool because of this.

Weak Hero Chapter 183’s Release Date Is Still A Mystery.

We’re going to see a lot more fights between students in the next section of the story. Unlike most people, Gray Yeon has an unwavering focus on the future and a willingness to see the big picture at all times. Weak Hero Chapter 183 will be released this week, which is April 13, 2022. Only the official pages of Naver, webtoon and Kakaopage will have access to the full manhwa, which will be available to readers worldwide. As a result, be sure to check back regularly with The Anime Daily for any updates.