Welcome To Eden Season 2 Release Date Will It Be Renewed Or Cancelled

Welcome To Eden

Welcome to Eden is a Spanish thriller web series. This particular web show has been able to focus on the lives of teenagers. These teenagers are famous social media influencers. They enjoy making random people happy by coming in contact with them. 

Season One Of The Web Show Was Released In The Year 2022

They try to host random parties on the random islands to come in touch with many people. Season One of the web show was released in the year 2022.

After that, the web show enjoyed such a huge amount of viewership that the producers were compelled to produce yet another season of the web show.

Welcome To Eden Date Of Release 

The latest season of the web show is likely to hit the screens on 7th May 2022. The teaser of season one was released around January 2022. Since then, the audience has been very excited to watch the show. It was because of the simple reason that the teaser comprised many indications of the existing twists and turns. 

This was the best type of incentive to watch the web show. In such a type of situation, it becomes important to mention that after season one of the web show was released on 7th May, the craze of the fans to watch yet another season of the same has increased by leaps and bounds.

Extension Of Season 

They are excited to watch yet another season two of the web show. The fans are getting speculated about whether the season will be getting extended by yet another season 2 or not.

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Moreover, the platform upon which the web show was released, i.e. Netflix, has also not confirmed its intention to renew the series by yet another season. The popularity and the critics of season one are responsible for deciding whether the season will be getting extended. 

Ever since the release of season one, the commentaries and the reviews have been quite positive. Even the ratings of the web show on platforms like IMDB have been high. But it is very surprising for the time being that the decision concerning the new season has not been taken so far. However, the existing reviews and ratings indicate that season two would be possibly released. 

Recent Disclosures 

It was recently that the cast and the crew members, in an interview, disclosed the intention of the producers and the directors to commence the shooting of season two. This news has raised the expectations of all the people who have been desperately waiting for the release.


The expected release date of season two is likely to be around 2023 or 2024. This might get delayed as well due to a variety of reasons. But at the same time, there is new hope in the hearts of all the people who have been separately waiting for the same.


Those who haven’t watched season one yet should have a look at the earliest. This will provide a chance to entertain yourself properly and to the greatest possible extent.