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In the last few hours, information about the Russian media has been leaked It is said to be the death of Canadian sniper WallyFrom the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine they joined the army of this country to defend their territory.

40 year old person, who Considered the best sniper in the worldHe left his comfortable life in Canada Join the Ukrainian Foreign Army And fight against Russian troops.

His struggle for Ukraine as a Canadian soldier with war experience in Afghanistan and Iraq has gone viral. He left his home country and his one-year-old son to help the Ukrainian people in their struggle to drive out Russian soldiers.

However, to the surprise of many, Russian media reported on Tuesday, March 15, that the invading forces had killed Wali During the attack on the city of Mariupol.

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According to pro-Russian media Russia InformationThe most feared sniper in the world He was killed after joining Ukrainian troops in this Ukrainian city.

Similarly, the media described Wali as a racist, mentally ill man who enjoyed shooting and killing Islamic soldiers.

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This information is in stark contrast to what the Western media has been saying about the Canadian soldier He was added to a list of “heroes” after killing 11 Russian soldiers upon his arrival in Ukraine.

Until now, Reports that Wally is dead have not been denied or confirmed To the newspaper Daily MailA British sales station associated with the sniper’s arrival in Ukraine.

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Regarded as the world’s greatest sniper, Wally has made countless achievements in his military career, including killing forty people in a single day.

Similarly, the sniper has set the record Shoot someone from over three thousand metersThis is the highest death toll recorded by any Canadian soldier.