Who Is Andy Cohen? His Net Worth, Kids, Wife, Height, Birthday, Age!!

Andy Cohen

Andy cohen is one of the most important Missouri-based hosts and a producer. He is also a writer for radio and television reality shows. He has been able to earn a huge amount of name and fame in all these years.

He Also Can Enjoy Himself To The Greatest Possible Extent

He has earned a reputation with the help of his hard work and dedication. He has put his heart and soul into every type of industry.

Andy Cohen

He also can enjoy himself to the greatest possible extent. He is a talented TV host.

Andy Cohen Early Life 

He was born in the year 1970 on 2nd June. His birthplace is the state of St. Louis and the country of the United States of America. He is 50 years old for the time being. His father’s name is Lou, and his mother’s name is Evelyn. 

They both have been responsible for giving him the best of everything. It is important to mention that he was an only child, so they spent a lot on his education. He completed his high school education in America. He also went to the Drama School at Cambridge to learn the art of being public.


Andy Cohen Career 

After completing his education in journalism and drama from the most reputed and prestigious institutions of all time, he decided to host a television show.

But before that, he also worked to be Bravo’s Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development.

He was later so engrossed in the reality show that he ended up being the host of the same. It becomes important to mention that his show became so successful that it became a household matter of discussion. 

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His name and fame increased by leaps and bounds in such a situation. Not only this, but also he could become an author. He wrote, “Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture”. This was the best seller of all time.

This was the most record-breaking book that he ever wrote. This was able to earn him a huge amount of income.

Ever since he was offered to act as a producer for the upcoming web shows, he happily accepted all the offers. This was the biggest kind of achievement that he could report in his life. 

Andy Cohen’s Net Worth¬†

His net worth is around 17 million dollars. He also earns from the investment that he had already made in the start-up companies and other assets, including debentures and stocks.

Andy Cohen Relationships 

He is not married for the time being. But he was in a relationship with his boyfriend John some years back. He is known for delivering a mind-blowing performance on Broadway Shows with him. 


Andy Cohen Height and Weight 

He has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. His weight is 75 kg. He has been able to maintain that all in all these years. It becomes important to mention that he is a conscious person.

Andy Cohen Two little ones 

He recently adopted two baby boys. He released this news on Instagram. This has been able to make him get a huge amount of viewership.

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So accordingly, it has to be said that he is one of the most important people who has achieved a lot in his life. He is an active supporter of LGBTQ.