The Future Diary Season, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Where To Watch it?

The Future Diary

If you want to watch something amazing over this weekend, many movies would be topping your watchlist. One of them should be the upcoming season of the Future Diary. The teaser of the web show has impressed the audience to the next level. 

The Web Show’s Teaser Wowed Viewers

This has been the biggest viewership which many teasers could have ever achieved in all these years.

The Future Diary

In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that the plot and the storyline of the web show are very interesting. That is why it has been able to receive so much amount of love from the people.

The Future Diary Plot 

This is a story of a man and a woman. They are two strangers who crossroads with each other on an odd day.

In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that the two meet each other again and again on the given day, until and unless they both get locked inside a cottage along the riverside.

This cottage belongs to an old lady who enjoys a huge amount of goodwill concerning her predictions and estimations. The strangers try to escape from that cottage by trying every possible method but fail. 

After trying almost everything in the first place, they decided to give up by the evening. It was already night by then, and they decided to cry for help in the morning so that at least they could get noticed by any random passerby. But soon, they discovered a diary. 

This was the diary that was responsible for changing their lives forever. In such a situation, it becomes important to mention that the diary changed their lives by teaching them unsaid ways to express love and care.

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The diary was able to teach them how they could fall in love with strangers. This is what helped them, in the end, to move out of the cottage as a couple who were mad with each other.

The Future Diary Release Of The Show 

It is important to mention that the trailer of the web show has been already released in January 2022. It was able to enjoy a huge amount of viewership. This was the best type of teaser that was ever released. The teaser was released on Netflix. Ever since then, the fans have been desperately waiting for the release of the actual web show.

The Future Diary Trailer 

 It is because of the simple reason that everything from the plot to the storyline to the sequencing of the web show has been pretty amazing.


This has mesmerised many people who have been waiting for the release for the longest point of time now. This is ultimately going to help many people gain a huge amount of viewership. It was also responsible for getting the best amount of exposure. 


The web show is expected to be a major hit. Season one is likely to get extended to yet another season. This is likely to be very interesting. This is the best treatment reserved for the audience for the upcoming part of the year.