Who Is The Attacker Of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 80? Know The Summary And Date Of Publication


However, the young Yu Ijin is an important piece of the puzzle despite the fact that he has nothing to do with the gang conflicts that are raging in Korea. As soon as Doosik laid eyes on the young man, he knew he wanted to hire him as his own man.

The fact that Ijin seemed adamant about not accepting payment for his work was a major red flag. The answer to this question, as well as whether or not he accepts the offer, will be revealed in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 80. Readers will learn the identity of Nim, the Hyung attacker, in the following plot. To gain a leg up on the competition, at least one other person is actively trying to stir things up.

Is There Anything Else You Need To Know About Mercenary Enrollment?

There will be two unsolved mysteries in the next Teenage Mercenary chapter. Ijin and Doosik meet in the first section of the chapter. Ijin was the one who destroyed Doosik’s office throughout the chapter.

Once again, it became clear that the goon was someone else when he reappeared in the film’s finale. After the meeting, Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 80 will reflect on the events of the previous chapter and what happened.

Who Is The Attacker Of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 80 Know The Summary And Date Of Publication

Ijin will be asked to reconsider his decision to accept the offer after the second time around. The identity of Hyung-attacker Nim will also be revealed in the next chapter. In your opinion, is it appropriate that Hyung-final Nim appears in the story? Whether or not we can save him is the question.

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The Previous Chapter’s Events Are Summarised Here!

As part of his investigation, Doosik made his first trip there, which was where the incident occurred. Despite the fact that the plot revolved around a fight, the characters displayed a warm relationship. However, the fight appeared to be quite brutal. Seven people were hurt, five of whom are in critical condition following the incident.

At this point, he received a phone call from Hyung-Nim and answered it. For the time being, he advised the individual to put his concerns about his business on hold. He realized at this point that everything was going his way.


When it came to confronting his employer’s destruction, Doosik went to one of the most well-known underground gangs. When pressed, the chubby senior claimed that it wasn’t his people’s fault that the situation existed. He had been on the hunt for the assailants for days and had come up empty-handed. When Hyung-Nim was involved in an accident and attacked by an unknown man, the chapter came to a close.

Chapter 80 Of Mercenary Enrollment Will Be Released On This Date

It appears that Young Mercenary is about to embark on a long-term mission arc. You’re assuming Ijin has the wherewithal to risk her life by quitting school and going on a mission that could prove fatal. All of the Chapter 80 Mercenary Enrollment quiz questions will be answered this week.

On April 9, 2022, the ninth day of the month, new chapters will be posted. The manga’s official pages on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage, among other platforms, will feature all manga branches. As a result, be sure to check back regularly with The Anime Daily for any updates.

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