Vinnie Hacker: Tattooed In The Middle Of His Chest. He Features Anime-Inspired Designs


One look at Vinnie Hacker’s body art reveals his fervor for ink. Each of his tattoos conveys a specific message. He isn’t afraid to show off his extensive knowledge of various body parts.

Every time he gets a new tattoo, he posts a photo on his social media accounts to let his fans and followers know. Recently, he’s done the same thing, posting pictures of his new tattoos on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Symbolism Of Vinnie Hacker’s New Inking

The Hacker’s tattoo collection has just gotten a little more extensive. He shared the video with his TikTok and Twitter friends and followers via his @vhackerr TikTok account. The berserk look was reflected in the wing-like ink on his chest. To represent skeletons, the wings and the Brand of Sacrifice are both symbolic.

Despite their apparent symmetry with other artwork, Hacker obtained the wings for the tattoos, which have nothing to do with Berserk. Along with “Break My Heart” and the spider tattoo, he now has two more new inks. These and all of his other body art were created with black ink.

Vinnie Hacker Tattooed In The Middle Of His Chest. He Features Anime-Inspired Designs

“5-6” was Hacker’s answer to a question on Twitter about how bad he was feeling. Using the name “Brand of Sacrifice” conveys a powerful message. People who wear emblems can be targeted by Demons, The Godhand, and the Apostles.

Tattoos Inspired By Anime

When TikToker revealed his new tattoo on his forearm, many people were curious about his other anime-related body art. A tattoo tour on @ichigostinysandalsv2 was born as a result of this. Hacker has a number of Berserk tattoos, including the Brand of Sacrifice. One of the characters, Guts, has a tattoo on his left forearm.

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On the top of Guts’ head, a black rectangle tattoo of his face is visible. The emblem pays homage to a former mercenary who traversed the globe in search of deeper meaning. One of his eyes was gouged out by a demon while he was fighting. Hacker, on the other hand, has two JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure tattoos.

The inscription “Made in Heaven” appears on his right forearm, just below the elbow. He admitted in his TikTok video that he had trouble understanding because of the anime. However, he now claims that the film’s inspiration came from the animated series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. As the band’s final album, A Stand in Heaven represents the culmination of C-transition. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is TikToker’s second ink set, and it features anime-inspired designs.

Vinnie Hacker Plans To Get More In Future

Naruto’s character is also depicted in a tattoo on his body. There’s a small emblem on the right bicep of Akatsuki, one of the legendary ninja groups in history. Meliodas has a tattoo of the Seven Deadly Sins character on his back.

The depiction of Meliodas is due to the fact that he has been assigned a sin, like other characters. Wrathful Dragon Sins of Wrath are what give him enormous strength when enraged. Each of Meliodas’ and Hacker’s left biceps has a distinctive tattoo. The same design can be found on the hacker’s wrists on both hands.

His right wrist bears a large print of “The mighty are usually lovely” from Vagabond. On his left wrist, he has the tattoo “1000-7” from Tokyo Ghoul. However many tattoos Hacker has now, he plans to get more in the future. The actor revealed his impending collarbone tattoo plans in a tweet. In the meantime, he hasn’t decided. Over time, his collection of anime-themed tattoos on his body may expand or contract.

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