After A Long Wait Anime My Happy Marriage Releasing Date Announced!!


It was announced on April 5 that the show would be adapted into an anime. The film’s release date has yet to be announced by the animation studio. The film will be directed by Takehiro Kubota, with character designs by Shoko Yasuda and soundtrack compositions by Evan Call, and it will be set in Japan, according to the studio.

As of October 12, the manga’s third volume had arrived in Japan. The manga adaptation of the short series of novels has been approved by Square Enix, the Japanese publisher.

The Following Are A few Quick Facts About My Happy Marriage

They are known as Takao Abo (Supervision and storyboards)Ami Sato is the name given to this person (Scriptwriter)Caregiver: The name given to Takehiko Onishi (Scriptwriter)Mother Toyoda, my mother, once said: (Scriptwriter)

At the end of My Happy Marriage, it’s all about the quality of my relationship with my partner. The hero, Miyo Saimiri, comes to the rescue. It’s no surprise that Miyo gets married to an ex-veteran after being raised by her strict stepmother. He’s had two previous fiancées leave him within three days of their wedding.

“My Happy Married” Will Be Released In Its Entirety On The Following Day

Away from civilization, Miyo and her soon-to-be husband are stranded. She makes an effort to gradually open up to her future husband-to-be. A chance to find true happiness and love before she dies is possible. A new episode of the popular sitcom My Happy Marriage will air soon on television. An adaptation of Kinema Citrus’ light novel, “My Happy Marriage,” is in the works. We all know how popular anime and manga are.

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Anime is a popular pastime for many people today. The anticipation for the film’s release has been piqued by the release of the trailer. This article is all about my marriage. There have been some important revelations. Takehiro Kubota, who portrays Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly in Kinema Citrus, is in charge of the show’s programming. His work on the anime series 22/7 and the manga series Macross Frontier have made him well-known.

In Order From Top To Bottom, Here Is The Crew:

Miyo Saimori was played by Reina Ueda. Kiyoko Kudo was portrayed on screen by actor Kaito Ishikawa. Takehiro Kubota, the actor who played Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly, is directing the Kinema Citrus series (Made in Abyss).

Actress Shoko Yasuda, who stars in the film, brings out the best in each of the lovable leads. Ghost in the Shell Arises director Yuushi Koshida is a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell Arise. Ethan Hawke star Evan Call is writing the song for Violet Evergarden.

The Members Of My Happy Wedding Party:

To begin the series, Agitogi and Tsukioka penned a book in January. The novels’ fifth installment was released in July 2021. The light novels were acquired by Yen Press, which has the following to say about them: After being forced into marriage by her evil stepmother, Miyo was raised by a cold-blooded soldier named Kiyoka, who had no regard for her upbringing. Previously, his brides left him after just three days of dating.

Having nowhere else to go, Miyo and her fiance begin to open up, even though they had a bumpy start to their romantic relationship. There’s a chance she’ll get a second chance at finding love and happiness now. Is it possible that this is her chance?

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Happy Marriage Manga Adaptation Has Been Purchased

In December of this year, Square Enix’s Gangan Online was the first to feature the manga. The third manga book compilation was released in Japan on October 12 and is now available for purchase. My Happy Marriage manga adaptation has been purchased by Square Enix manga and books.

Because she has no choice, Miyo agrees to the plan. It turns out that the handsome and pale husband she thought she was married to isn’t quite as bad as she thought. In time, they gradually realize that the other person may be their only hope for long-term harmony and friendship.


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