One Piece Chapter 1047:Release Date Postponed!! New Release Date, Plot Summary


Chapter 1047 of One Piece’s well-known web series has amassed enormous acclaim. Season 2 is expected to premiere soon, following the success of the first season. A lot of the audience is excited about the upcoming action and twists and turns because of the plot created in season one. They’ve been able to stay in touch with the production company and the film’s directors because of their excitement.

Plot Summary For The Series Chapter 1047 Of One Piece

During the first season of the web series, the plot has progressed sufficiently. Despite their importance, Luffy and Kaido were both able to obtain gear number 5 Several members of the alliance were concerned about the increasing number of fires breaking out in the town and the castle.

One Piece Chapter 1047Release Date Postponed!! New Release Date, Plot Summary

There was a suspicious end to the first season of One Piece in which everyone was held responsible for the town’s destruction. But only one person can be the culprit, not all of them. Season 2’s early release was a top priority for the community. They were eager to zero in on the root of the chaos as quickly as possible.

The Release Date

The latest season of this popular web series is expected to be released on April 24th, 2022 at midnight GST, according to the show’s directors. They’ve also provided the entire release schedule for the various chapters.

The entire timeline has been released, with each episode’s release date and time taken into account. At least 20 chapters and episodes are expected to make up the entire web series. As a result, each chapter would be released one at a time to build suspense and excitement among the general population. To keep the audience engaged, this is a useful trick.

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Postponed Date

However, a new notification has taken everyone by surprise once more. There has been a postponement in the release date of this web series. Even though the previous date had been changed, no new date had been announced. This has caused a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty among the fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the film.

This is the most shocking news of the decade. For a week now, there has been no news from the director’s side regarding the web series’ future course of action. This has re-instilled fear in the hearts of the faithful once more.

The Fans’ Reaction

The production company and the directors have been bombarded with requests from anxious customers hoping to learn when the film will be released. However, there has been no new information as of yet. This is one of the most disappointing pieces of news we’ve heard so far in 2018.


After a long wait, many people are worn out by the increasing suspense surrounding this web series’ upcoming release. By the end of the week, at the very least, there should be some kind of announcement. But as of now, there is no concrete information.


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