Facts About Kim Taehyung: Net Worth, Career, Childhood, Height, Weight, Relationship


In the band BTS, Kim Taehyung is a well-known and well-loved member. V is his most well-known moniker. He’s well-liked for his innocent and endearing appearance. Aside from his work with the band, he is also a well-known producer and singer. In a short period of time, he has gained a great deal of renown.

V: About His Early Life And Family

On December 30th, 1995, he was born. Currently, he’s 26 years old. He grew up in a farming family. Because of his circumstances, he did not have the luxury of a carefree childhood. His personal life was difficult, but he also had to deal with extreme destitution.

Facts About Kim Taehyung Net Worth, Career, Childhood, Height, Weight, Relationship

Despite their financial hardships, his parents made ends meet. However, Taehyung was given a proper education despite all of the difficulties he faced. This guy went to high school in Korea. In 2015, he also received his diploma from the Global Cyber University.


It became abundantly clear to him after graduating from high school that singing was the path he wanted to follow. When he joined BTS in 2013, he began to sing professionally as a solo artist. No more dreams were the name of his first YouTube video. Afterward, he never looked back.

He sings and composes beautiful songs that make me feel like the happiest person in the world. Stigma, one of his most popular singles, peaked at number 26 on Billboard’s world digital singles chart.

Continued Progress

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Truth marked his film debut as an actor. However, he only appeared as an actor in a further two or three films after that. As a result of his outstanding work in his band, he has received numerous honors. In addition to Melon Music Award and Golden Disk Award, Seoul Music Award is also included in this list.

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These honors are a testament to his sincere efforts in his career. In his band, he also excels on saxophone and keyboard. With this point of view, his band has been able to reach new heights of fame and success.

Kim Taehyung’s Net Worth

His net worth has risen to at least $10 million as a result of his tireless efforts. All the concerts and music albums he performs make him a lot of money. As a result of his work in the movies, he has also made a sizable income.

Height And Weight, Relationships

He stands at a height of 5’10”. He’s about 62 kilograms heavy. He has a very slender physique. There is something about his innocent face that makes it so appealing, and his adorable smile is enough to make you want to die. He’s one of the music industry’s most in-demand figures.

He has a reputation for having a large number of female admirers due to his good looks. However, to his complete dismay, he currently lacks a romantic partner.


In the entire world, he is one of the most likable people. He’s always in touch with his followers. Hundreds of thousands of people follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Due to his amazing and mind-blowing performance activities, his fans have always been able to show him a lot of love.


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