Dawne Haskins Ex-Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Laid To Rest After Being Hit By A Vehicle


During the funeral service for her late husband, former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dawne Haskins breaks down in tears. Most people are aware of the recent passing of a young and talented football player who had a promising future ahead of him. He was just 24 years old, yet he was full of life and energy. Yesterday, Dawne Hasking was killed by a dump truck as he walked along the south Florida highway in the wee hours of the morning.

It was a shocking moment to learn of his passing. There has been a flood of condolences for Dawne Haskins and her family, as well as on the football field. Calabria, his wife, was sobbing uncontrollably. After her husband’s death, she was able to demonstrate her full respect and love to him during his funeral, even though this event brought her pain and altered her life course.

There Has Been A Flood Of Condolences For Dawne Haskins

To memorialize him, a memorial service was held at QB’s memorial, during which his widow released a dove in honor of his tragic passing. The country will have more remembrances of him. A memorial service will be held this weekend in his native New Jersey’s Christ Church and on Sunday in Potomac, Maryland, the site of his former high school. Among those who paid their last respects were two members of the Pittsburgh Steelers ownership group, Urban Mayer and Ryan Shazier.

Dawne Haskins Ex-Pittsburgh Steelers  Quarterback Laid To Rest After Being Hit By A Vehicle

On behalf of the Indiana Department of Transportation, spokesperson Indiana Maninda stated that Dawne Haskins was preparing to cross I-595’s westbound lanes when he was struck by oncoming vehicles. On the morning of April 9, it was around 7:00 a.m. That day, according to his wife, he went out to buy gas for his own vehicle.

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Teammates Are Still In Shock At His Unexpected Passing

All the condolences received by his family have been greatly welcomed and respected by the people of this country. In the midst of her difficulties, she showed her thanks. This is the greatest loss of her life and he will be her love till the end of her life, and he will always be in his family’s heart. She prays for his soul to rest in peace in the afterlife.

BORN3 MAY 1997

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin expressed his shock at Haskings’ unexpected passing. He added that Haskins was a great teammate and a great friend because of his work ethic and dedication to the Steelers organization. In the wake of this, he’s inconsolable. His entire family can always count on the support of his colleagues. When asked about Haskings’ confidence and talent, commander coach Ron Rivera replied that he had never considered taking a step back in his life. His decision-making was once based on a sense of humility.

He Was At The Peak Of His Career

During the NFL draught, he was selected by the Washington Redskins in the first round. In the last year, he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he intends to serve the team until the end. His rookie deal was worth $8.47 million, and he signed it in 201 for $14.37 million. On March 16, 2022, he signed a one-year contract with his consent.