Laci Mosley Shows The Classic Sketch In Hopes To Reintroduce The To iCarly


These days, reboots are a dime a dozen. This time, it’s early, the traditional campy youngster, returning for an encore performance. Ten years after the series finale, the show’s new chapter follows the original cast as they deal with more mature material. The pilot episode was redirected by none other than Phill Lewis to heighten the sense of déjà vu.

The reboot, which makes its television premiere on Paramount+ today, also introduces a few fresh faces to the cast. As Carly’s good friend and roommate, Laci Mosley joins the cast as a brand-new solid member. Below, we’ve got an interview with Mosley in which she discusses the reboot of her favorite youth show, its newfound adulthood, and the alternative she’d like to bring back to life.

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The original “iCarly” series had a strong emphasis on socks. Sam’s butter sock, after all, is something we can never ignore. How many pairs of bright, funky shoes does Spencer wear on a regular basis? As soon as Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” premiered in 2007, Laci Mosley was unable to ignore the cast’s socks. To be safe, I’m going to refrain from saying anything about it, because if I do, I’ll curse myself into it.”

Given that Laci Mosley is currently reprising her role as Harper in the Paramount+ revival series, I have a sneaking suspicion that she is always thinking about fashion. Harper, an aspiring stylist, wears a wide range of fashionable attire. It’s unfortunate that Mosley hasn’t been able to wear some of the show’s most memorable socks in recent seasons, and she hasn’t held back in expressing her displeasure.

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The revival series of “iCarly” has entangled each and every one of the characters in their own personal problems. It looks like Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) is ready to make her online collection more popular than it’s ever been before! Harper (Laci Mosley) is pursuing her goal of becoming one of Seattle’s most talented fashion stylists by working hard. It hasn’t worked out yet for Freddie (Nathan Kress), who is still looking for the love of his life.


However, Mosley hopes that she will be able to bring back the “iCarly” shoe style within the reboot as soon as possible. “I don’t know if I really want that to materialize to me, but it became one of my desired bits at the initial presentation,” she stated to The List.

Because Harper is always on the lookout for cute trends, dressing up her best friend Carly in some cute toe socks was an obvious choice. Mosley laughed and said, “Probably we feature it again for Miranda.” My life is in jeopardy.