Draymond Sends Funny Game 7 Tweet Which Mocks Celtics Coaches

Draymond Sends Funny Game 7 Tweet Which Mocks Celtics Coaches

The day after the Warriors won their 2022 NBA title, Draymond Green was having a blast on Twitter and was very emotional. 

Draymond Green Tweets Getting Ready For Game 7

Draymond Jamal Green Sr. is the forward basketball player of the Golden State Warriors (NBA). 

Draymond Sends Funny Game 7 Tweet Which  Mocks Celtics Coaches

Greene is still on Twitter but has taken the Warriors to a whole new level after their split with the Boston Celtics in their last six games at TD Garden.

His latest target was the Boston Celtics, but fans have retaliated with some amusing comments.

Green took advantage of Father’s Day on Sunday to remind the C’s that the two clubs would have played a Game 7 if they hadn’t lost Game 6 on Thursday.

Here’s what he said on Twitter:

“Getting ready for Game 7 tonight… locked in (emoji) !!! Happy Father’s Day”

If the Warriors lose to Boston on Thursday night, their seventh game will be played on Sunday night at the Chase Center. For the second time in its eight-year history, Golden State was held on Father’s Day at Father’s 7th Avenue.

Although Green tweeted an awesome tweet on Sunday afternoon claiming he was prepping for the game, the good news for the Warriors and Dub Nation is that there was no win-win Game 7 in San Francisco. It is non-existent.

Before mocking the Celtics, Green was in the headlines for his back-and-forth with Memphis Grizzlies standout Ja Morant. NBA fans have flocked to see the former DPOY’s new digs, but opposition fans haven’t snubbed the opportunity to retaliate.

Green has gotten a lot of support from Grizzlies fans in particular. On Twitter, one user wrote:

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“Draymond is on Twitter issuing technical fouls.”

Draymond Green Tweets Getting Ready For Game 7

Another person wrote:

“Even if there was a game 7, he’d only score four points and commit six fouls.”

Green allegedly tweeted a story less than an hour later, claiming that Celtics coaches were listening to his ‘The Draymond Green Show’ podcast in the hopes of acquiring some type of strategic edge, while the Warriors star disrupted every series game.

Obviously, all of the information obtained by Boston’s coaches via Green’s podcast was ineffective, as the Warriors won the series in six games, including the last three games after the Celtics had taken a two-game lead.

Greene will no doubt have more to say at the Warriors’ Championship rally in San Francisco on Monday.

Many people didn’t think the Golden State Warriors would win the championship this year. Following their run to the 2019 finals, everyone from analysts to rival fans and supporters had harsh words for the franchise.

With Kevin Durant’s departure and Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s long-term injuries, many believed the Warriors wouldn’t be able to win a championship with their current lineup.

After back-to-back defeats in the play-in round to the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, they finished last in the 2019-20 season and ninth the following year, missing the playoffs.

Green and his colleagues discreetly took up all of the criticism and skepticism directed at their title qualifications.

They are, however, retaliating ferociously now that they have won the tournament this year. Aside from Warriors supporters, a number of individuals have chastised the Dubs for failing to maintain their composure after being proclaimed champions.

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In this sense, Draymond Green, in particular, is spearheading the effort. He’s been exchanging tweets with Ja Morant, retweeting statistics, and making scathing remarks.

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