Germany is set to capture F-35 fighter jets and increase its security

Germany is set to capture F-35 fighter jets and increase its security

(CNN) – Germany Advertising 35 What to buy American F-35A fighter jetsFirst major arms purchase publicly confirmed after Foreign Minister Olaf Scholes pledged to increase his country’s defense spending Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The German government made this decision with the intention of being more active in the defense of Europe. Scholz has taken drastic measures to limit Germany’s economic ties with Russia. Including Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline shutdown.

The F-35A fighter jets are the only aircraft in Luftwaffe’s fleet capable of carrying U.S. nuclear bombs stored in the country in the event of a war in Europe, replacing Tornados’ aging fleet.

The decision to purchase the F-35s was significant because it would make the German Air Force more compatible with other NATO and other European defense partners already operating or wanting to purchase F-35 aircraft.

The U.S. Department of Defense said earlier this year that US Air Force F-35A fighter jets would be sent to Europe by 2023 to maintain nuclear warheads.

The F-35 fighter jets come in three versions, A, B and C, but only version A is fitted with nuclear capability.

These flights will be a significant upgrade for Germany. The tornado class, which has been in active service since the 1980s, will be phased out by 2030, although it has long been considered an outdated option for modern warfare, despite its ability to carry US nuclear weapons.

“The tornado is designed to fly at low speeds and penetrate air defense. From there to the F-35, it combines plagiarism with unparalleled environmental visualization against aerial and ground threats, and has its own capabilities of electronic warfare, not comparison,” the Air Force said at the Royal United Services Institute. Said technical researcher Justin Bronk.

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“Any situation in which NATO launches a nuclear weapon involves infiltrating the world’s strongest air defense networks. Flying low and fast like a tornado against them is not credible by 2022,” he added.

The European Union imposes more sanctions on Russia 1:12

Over the past three weeks Germany has acquired these fighter jets in the broader context of a major shift in its defense strategy. Germany, a country opposed to becoming a military power since the end of World War II, has pledged to drastically increase its defense budget. 2% required by NATO is required.

Scholes said the increase from 47 47 billion in 2021 to ில்லியன் 100 billion in 2022 was part of the recognition that Germany “must invest more in the defense of our country to protect our freedom and democracy.” “.

The budget increase suggests that Germany will have the best-funded military in Western Europe and will actively seek to play a leading role in Europe’s security in the aftermath of the conflict in Ukraine.

The possibility that Germany could suddenly play a major role may cause some concern in other European capitals. France, once the main military voice of the European Union, has been instrumental in further integrating Europe’s security. It is unclear how a new, better-armed German army will fit into the EU’s long-standing defense thinking or how it will operate within NATO.