Daughter Kiss! Jay-Z Kisses Blue Ivy On NBA Finals At Courtside!!

Daughter Kiss, Jay-Z Kisses Blue Ivy On NBA Finals At Courtside

Jay- Z and Blue Ivy Carter attended game five of the NBA tests at the Chase Center in San Francisco on June 13. 

Jay-Z Kissing Gone Viral

Proving she’s formerly inherited Beyoncé’s impeccable sense of style, the 10- time-old wore a leather jacket over a black T-shirt with the words “Brown Skin Girl” written across the front (the title of her and Queen Bey’s Grammy-winning megahit) and matching pants. 

To finish her look, Blue Ivy sported some sunglasses, circle earrings, and Nike sneakers. And while the Observer said Blue Ivy was “a little embarrassed when he showed up on Jumbotron,” the Observer said the moment was “cute.”

As this series intensifies, the star-freckled sidelines are seeing further notorious faces, including a daddy-son moment between Jay- Z and Blue Ivy. Beyoncé wasn’t on the scene but spectators continue to be surprised at just how big immature Blue is getting. 

Game five of the NBA Tests, in which the Golden State dogfaces and Boston Celtics faced off against each other, took place on Monday night (June 13), and had some truly special celebrity guests courtside. 

Jay- Z and son Blue Ivy were in attendance, sitting front and center during the game, and shared a sweet father-son moment when the camera condemned them to the cult. 

With parents as Jay and Bey, Blue Ivy is accustomed to the constant attention her family gets when attending events. A cameraperson mugged the father-son together and Jay was happy and all laughed to have his mini-me by his side, indeed putting his arm around her neck.

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It was a move that caused the internet to crack jokes as Blue sounded embarrassed by her father’s affections. It was a commodity that only made Jay- Z give her a big kiss on the impertinence. Meanwhile, this is the first sighting of Blue Ivy since she was trending over the weekend. 


Social media stoners pulled up Saucy Santana’s old tweets where he made disparaging reflections about Blue Ivy back in 2014 when she was just a toddler. He faced reaction and subsequently, Beyoncé’s kin Beyincé evidently replied by sharing a positive communication with Black girls. 

After the soldiers defeated the Celtics with a final score of 104 to 94, Blue Ivy met several players, including Stephen Curry. “She and Jay-Z were in the locker room after the match,” a viewer told.

“She was so agitated to meet Steph. He shook her hand and hugged Jay.” Jay- Z was all grins during Game 5 of the NBA Tests in San Francisco on Monday night, sitting courtside with his eldest son, Blue Ivy Carter.

Meanwhile, Blue, who’s ten, kept it cool, as tweens are used to doing, indeed when Pops brought her in for a big kiss on the impertinence on the Jumbotron or dapped up Steph Curry after the soldiers beat the Celtics 104- 94. Daddies, right? Jay and Blue coordinated in all-black outfits for the game, though it’s hard to imagine Blue would bobby to match on purpose for the occasion. 

Jay sported a Puma chore fleece to go with a brace of Puma lows modeled after the dyads NBA legend Ralph Sampson wore in the ’80s. (Puma previously nominated Jay as the creative director of the basketball brand in 2018.)

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Blue, under no similar contractual obligation, wore black-and-white “ Panda ” Dunks (the lurker of the moment) and a leather biker jacket over a tee that reads “Brown-skinned Girl” is a reference to the song that won the Grammy Award for 2021 music video for Blue – and her mother, Beyoncé.

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