Myles Turner’s Future, Determined By The Pacers’ NBA Draft Fortunes!

Myles Turner's Future, Determined By The Pacers' NBA Draft Fortunes

The Indiana Pacers and Myles Turner have been linked to trade addresses for what feels like ever. After the trade to move Domantas Sabonis, it seems like there may be a chance to eventually put trade addresses to rest. 

NBA Draft, Dictate Myles Turner’s Future

Myles was veritably open this season about wanting a bigger part and now he has that and the chance to be a full-time center on this canon for at least the coming season. 

Myles Turner's Future, Determined By The Pacers' NBA Draft Fortunes

For some time now, star big man Myles Turner has been the main subject of numerous trade rumors. As a youthful and athletic big man, he does a multitude of effects that helps his platoon win games. 

Turner played one game without Sabonis this season as the lone fie on the court and posted some big figures. He scored 31 points while grabbing 10 rebounds and was 14/18 from the field against the Houston Rockets. 

For a while, nothing imagined he would be sticking around in Indiana for much longer. But in an update on the situation by Marc Stein, it’s revealed that Turner could end up staying with the Bellwethers after all. 

Every time I think about Myles Turner’s future in Indiana, I pass along what I have constantly heard: The Bellwethers are hopeful about Turner’s long-term prospects in Indiana after trading down Domantas Sabonis. 

Yet I said there’s a script I need to add to the range of possibilities for Turner as he heads into an offseason anticipated to feature contract extension addresses Word is he might seek to play out the final season of his contract valued at$ 18 million. 

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That script, of course, would put the Bellwethers at threat of losing Turner without compensation when he becomes a free agent after the 2022- 23 season unless they trade him first. 

Yet another complicating variable Indiana hasn’t had an occasion yet to estimate Turner’s fit alongside Tyrese Haliburton after Turner sustained a stress response in his left bottom in January that sidelined him before Haliburton’s February appearance in the Sabonis trade with Sacramento. One imagines Indiana would need to have a sense of how Turner and Haliburton mesh before making any decision. 

Just flashback that Turner will be extension eligible through June 30, 2023, meaning that Indiana could feasibly start the season with the 26- time-old on an expiring contract, see how he looks alongside Haliburton, and also offer an extension in-season or move Turner before coming February’s trade deadline if the sides can’t agree on a deal. I tête-à-tête believe that extending Myles would be a good decision. 

This occasion allows him to play further of his game rather than sitting in the corner for a catch three and he really bettered in the medial- range/ post this season. 

I would be agitated to see Turner return and to see what he can do with stability on the obnoxious end to add to his formerly elite protective capabilities. 

This season, Turner (26) equaled 12.9 points,7.1 rebounds, and2.8 blocks per game on 50 firings. He only played 42 games due to injury, and the Bellwethers failed to make the playoff cut. 

Still, he is a precious player in the right situation, and the Bellwethers need further time to figure out his fit before they say farewell for good.

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