Kanki Concocts a Betrayal! Kingdom Chapter 715, Plot & When Will It Be Released?

Kanki Concocts a Betrayal! Kingdom Chapter 715

It’s time for another Kingdom Manga chapter. The fight is about to escalate, and fans are looking forward to the next battle.

In the last chapter, the Zhao men had demonstrated that they were confident in their battle attitude. The one thing they all wanted was to be able to control Kanki.

Kanki Plots A Betrayal! When Will Kingdom Chapter 715 Be Released? What Is Its Plot?

Butchering Kanki was their first priority, regardless of the war’s outcome. So, what will happen to him in Kingdom Chapter 715? Here’s everything you need to know about it. In the next chapter, Sei of Qin will learn of Kanki’s plot.

To avoid being slaughtered, he transferred the majority of his men to the other side. Sei’s reaction, on the other hand, will be out of the norm when he learns of this. Let’s take a look at what happens next in the story.

Kanki Concocts a Betrayal! Kingdom Chapter 715,

What happens after that in Kingdom Chapter 715?

The formation in the final panel of the chapter was breathtaking. In the next episode, Kanki’s warriors will face off against Zhao’s army.

The revelation of Kanki’s strategy will be the most important lesson from this chapter. To keep this information from Qin, he had diverted the majority of his forces to the other side.

Kanki’s warriors are scared of the men who have been waiting for him for a long time. After beheading a hundred thousand men, he became the most needed guy in the land. In Kingdom Chapter 715, Qin is likely to hear of Kanki’s personal plot.

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He deleted the 140,000 soldiers from the photo, knowing that his men would be the easiest to target. It’ll be fascinating to see how Sei reacts to the news when he receives it.


A Look Back at a Previous Bankruptcy!

The meeting of Common Li Mu and Kaine kicked off the Kingdom’s Bankruptcy 714. Following a pleasant greeting, they witness a dad promise his child that because they had Li Mu on their side, none of them will perish.

The commanders of Seika and Li Mu realize that Qin’s men are in command of Gian at this point. Kanki’s 140,000 infantrymen, on the other hand, had marched from Sekirei. As they prepare to meet Kanki, the man responsible for the murder of thousands of their brethren, the warriors are outraged.

Following Li Mu’s stirring speech, they were all set for the ultimate battle. Zhao, Mouten suspected, was no longer in a good position in Gian.

Kanki’s guys, on the other hand, were afraid of facing Zhao’s wrath after the butchering incident. At the end of the bankruptcy, Kanki’s concept was kept hidden from everyone.

When Will Kingdom Chapter 715 Be Released?

The Battle of Gian will go down in Chinese history as a watershed point. As a result, the conflict will finally begin in the next episode. Kingdom Chapter 715 will be released on April 3, 2022.

All manga chapters will be published on Kodansha’s official pages. The updates will be made if there is a delay. As a result, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for more updates.

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