Mariah Mazon’s Journey Leading The Pacific Region, See Her Bio, Education

Mariah Mazon's Journey Leading The Pacific Region, See Her Bio, Education

Mariah Mazon is currently leading the pacific region with her first-team honor along with junior Frankie and freshman Sarah. NFCA members have already selected all the honors as per reports and interviews.

Top Things To Know About Mariah Mazon’s Age, Education, Bio!!

Mazon is currently one of the best players who is leading the Beavers. Her accolade marks the third nod regarding her promising beaver career option.

She is currently leading the Beavers and is the third most-leading player in the Pac-12. She has an average run count of about 1.48.

Mariah Mazon's Journey Leading The Pacific Region, See Her Bio, Education

Game Information:

Mazon is currently the record holder for 14-10 and a save and 192 total strikeouts in about 151.2 innings.

She also has a whole circle appearance in about 28 games in which she did 21 starts and completed game posting in about 14 of them with solo shutouts.

She is currently ranked second in Beavers and holds the first team with a record of 0.785 slugging percent when it comes to the plate.

She also procured nine home runs, nine doubles, and a magnificent triple.

Along with her plate records, she also has an average batting percent count of about 0.276, where she also ranks second in Beavers with a total of 31 runs and adds another 35 hits with 25 runs scored.

She is currently appearing in Pac-12 for the third time. AS per some of the interviews and reports on her runups, she never allows anyone to acquire any runs, and opponent players generally get to have a single run or get out as soon as they face her.

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In 19 appearances, she has reached double-figure strikeouts about six times.

Mazon’s Biography:

Mazon is the record holder for having many double-digit hit games among Beavers. 

Mariah Mazon is the daughter of father Joe Mazon and mother, Maryellen Mazon. Both of her parents run a family business and are self-employed.

She has three siblings with two sisters named Georgina Mazon and Mayleen Mazon. She also has a minor brother named Joey Mazon.

Like her elder sister, Mayleen is also a softball in Sonoma State.

She is highly athletic and won her first CIF Championship when she was in high school. She scored ten and allowed a hit in a 2-0 victory.

Mazon’s Educational Qualifications:

Mazon is currently pursuing her career as a psychologist. She is currently majoring in Psychology.

Why Did She Choose Oregon State?

There is a fascinating reason behind her choice of Oregon State. It was at a perfect distance from her hometown, neither too far nor too near home. It also had a very different scenery which she liked very much as this would help her develop in a new environment.

Mazon’s Facts:

  • Mazon is the daughter of Joe and Maryellen Mazon.
  • She had once tried to get into the “Mexico National Team” back in 2019.
  • Her favorite athlete is Derek Jeter.
  • She is very skilled at fishing, and it is her favorite hobby.
  • She is a very athletic person who loves to travel.
  • She is currently doing her major in Psychology.

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