What Will Next In Master Takagi-Tease San’s Chapter 160? Will There Be 300 More


Last week’s chapter of Teasing Master Takagi-San turned out to be a small prank on the people who read it. On April Fool’s Day, the author released a new chapter titled “Confession.”

Nishikata asked Takagi out on a date in this chapter. As a result, it became clear in the final panel of the chapter that it had been a joke all along. It’s now scheduled to be released this week.

Which Way Will This Story Go? More About Master Takagi-Tease

For Takagi-San fans who didn’t know what to expect, “Confession” was a surprise gift. The overall plot of the manga is unaffected by this chapter. The story will continue at the end of each testing day. How long will it be before the findings are released to the public? For those who were reading the story, Takagi-actions for each test were hidden from view.

What Will Next In Master Takagi-Tease San's Chapter 160 Will There Be 300 More

Takagi-San was the mastermind behind it all. It’s time for her to be ecstatic after all she’s done for Nishikata. Expect to see Nishikata’s treatment of Takagi in the next chapter, 160. It’s unlikely that Takagi will ever stop making jokes about him even now.

Teasing Master Takagi-San Chapter 159 appeared to be normal at first glance. As the story progressed, it became clear that Soichiro Yamamoto was playing a prank on the audience. That’s exactly what I was saying. The final chapter was titled “Confession,” and it contained a confessional tone.

Following Is A Recap Of The Preceding Section:

Just a few days ago, Nishikata was in his room, reading a book. He couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful Takagi looked that day, to his astonishment. That girl who had been picking on her all day had a crush on him.

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As a result, the next step in the process was to say something like that. The next day, as they walked to school, he greeted her and stood in front of her. To which she agreed, and the two of them went on their first outing together. A panel played a joke on the audience on April 1st. After another 300 pages, according to a final chapter meeting, this would occur.

On This Date, Master Takagi-160th San’s Chapter Will Be Released:

A new chapter will be released for the first time since Yamamoto achieved what he set out to do for the fans. On April 12th, 2022, Teasing Master Takagi-San Chapter 160 will be released. Readers can only access the manga on Shogakukan’s Monthly Shonen Sunday’s official pages.

There is only one copy of the manga available. Shortly after an episode airs on television, a digital version of the chapter is usually made available. Follow The Anime Daily for more information on the same topic. There will be an additional 300 chapters in Master Takagi-Teachings San after Chapter 160 of Master Takagi-Teachings San.

To begin, the publication date can be found on The Anime Daily. A gathering of Takagi-San cartoonists drew a sizable crowd, on the other hand. This manga, which depicts the final days of a person, is about bankruptcy. This is the end of the story.

Bankrupt XINJIANG’s Future Is Hazy:

Here is a summary of the day’s activities. Because of their hard work, researchers are eager to uncover new information. I doubt that the majority of people who read this article understood what Takagi-San was trying to convey. To Nishikata’s credit, she has managed to persuade her.

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For the sake of the fans, they want to work with Nishikata. Takagi will not be able to stop teasing him at this point.

In this case, the extremists used Yamamoto, and the reader is interested to see how the bankruptcy is handled. Takagi-San will file for bankruptcy on April 12, 2022, if you’re curious about the specific date. Per 30 Days Shonen Sunday’s professional pages have all the manga chapters you could ever want. Keep working at The Anime Day every day, even if others are around.


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