NBA Finals – Bound Celtics Beat Miami Heat With Picture!!!

NBA Finals - Bound Celtics Beat Miami Heat

The Boston Celtics were desperate to win Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals at home only six days ago. In a heartbreaking defeat, the Miami Heat’s top forward, Jimmy Butler, played 0 minutes in the second half as they fell 2-1 in the series.

The Celtics Beat The Heat With Picture! Did Perfect Defense Prepare Them For The Next Test?

Last Monday, the Celtics had only lost two quarters in three games at coach Ime Udoki’s pre-game news conference. This unique number became the subject of discussion.

NBA Finals - Bound Celtics Beat Miami Heat

Udoka said the most important thing was to “remain consistent and not fall off the cliff as we did in those two quarters when our offense didn’t go” rather than how many 12-minute periods they lost. During the third quarter of Game 1, Boston scored 39 points, but they surrendered precisely the same amount of points in the first quarter of the third game.

The Celtics’ Picture-Perfect Defense Helped them Defeat The Heat:

The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, found it to be fair. When they beat Miami, their defense allowed 26 or fewer points in 13 of the 16 quarters they faced. Sunday’s 100-96 playoff game was one of the other three as the Heat scored 32 points in the second quarter of Game 7 courtesy of Butler’s genius and Boston sending them to the free-throw line time and time again. They were both fourth quarters of high-profile victories.

Miami only scored more than 26 points nine times in the 28 quarters that comprised the run, including two extended intervals. They also had a strong defense and had a chance to win in the last seconds, but their offensive – which was above average throughout the regular season – became too frequent and loud to overcome that.

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As Miami coach Eric Spoelstra put it, “We simply couldn’t manage the game.” “In many respects, it was like Boston.” Our training didn’t stop until the end, and we gave it all we had. A lack of movement cost us the game, and we were improving from an eight-to-10 point disadvantage.

Boston’s defense accomplishes just that. After another seven-game winning run, 19 more quarters in which the Celtics scored 26 or fewer points, and four more games in which the opponent only scored that amount three times in the second round against the Milwaukee Bucks. 


At least according to Udoka, the Celtics “struck every objective they wanted to” in the seventh game. Only three of their 13 turnovers resulted in the potential of a move to the Miami Heat, and they out-rebounded their opponents and only surrendered nine points on second chances. Six of Miami’s 30 three-point attempts went awry. In the 11th minute, the Heat trimmed the deficit to three but then missed nine attempts in a row for more than four minutes.

“When the attack didn’t succeed, he was there to hold us and help us get through the tough days. We can always fall back on that in games when our offense didn’t quite work out. “And so it was today.” With enormous leads, we could trim them down and still obtain stoppages when we needed them.

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