Will Rachael Kirkconnell Accept Matt James’ Proposal?


Proposals and heartbreaks have become a daily routine in the Hollywood industry. They would be some people who are all set to propose to their new girlfriends. After working together in television shows and movies, the development of relationships is not something new. 

In one of the recent headlines featured, it becomes important to mention that Matt James is already ready to propose to his alleged girlfriend, Rachael. It becomes important to mention the speculation concerning the upcoming events in such a situation.

Will Matt James Propose To Girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell?

In one of the recent interviews with a news channel on 17th May, Matt was all ready to change his status from bachelor to a married person. It was already believed that they had been dating each other for the longest time now. 

Will Rachael Kirkconnell Accept Matt James' Proposal

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell were spotted at almost all the public events together. They even undertook trips and other types of holidays and vacations to celebrate each other’s achievements and spend time together. In such a situation, everybody believes that they are madly in love. But then, none of them confirmed and decided to remain private about the relationship. 

Upcoming events 

Even after being asked and questioned by the media, they decided to resist answering this question. But now, to the greatest surprise of the audience, the famous actor has finally admitted that he wants to propose to his girlfriend anytime soon. 

He now believes that life is too short to keep people waiting for a long period. That is why he blushed before the media and finally admitted that he wants to develop the best type of memories with his lady love and he is now only waiting for her acceptance.

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Future goals 

He has also expressed his willingness to become a better person for her so that She also tries to enjoy her life to the greatest possible extent. He has expressed his views that everything will settle back only when he ultimately decides to get married.

But before marriage, it becomes important to mention that things have to be sorted, and first of all, he needs to express his relationship and feelings before his lady love. 


This development and change of heart come after his famous web show love, and the life triangle has been a huge hit on Netflix. The story and the show’s plot have motivated him to become a better version of himself. He is moved by the character played by the lead actor in the web show. All of this has motivated him to the next level.


After he expressed his opinion with respect to proposing to his alleged lady love, there have been huge speculations about how he would be proposing.


According to some sources, he would be taking up a cruise on rent and proposing to his lady love in the middle of the ocean. This will be the most delicate moment not only for themselves but also for all their fans. This is likely to begin the next chapter of life anytime soon.