Finally The Good Doctor Season 5, Episode14 Is Here!!


When it comes to episode 14, Mark Roseman’s script will be directed by Rebecca Moline, and the episode will air in 2022 on the NBC network at 10 pm ET/PT. “Potluck” Doctors Murphy, Glassman, and Allen are forced to take on all of the hospital’s cases after a hallucinogen-laced dish is accidentally brought to the office potluck. Doctors Murphy and Glassman’s differing approaches to their work are exacerbated because of this situation.

Season 5 Episode 14: The Good Doctor Promo In The Hospital, A Little Bit Of Madness

In this week’s episode of ABC’s medical drama, nearly all of the doctors and staff members involved will be affected by the outcome. During a surgical procedure depicted in the trailer, one of the doctors begins to suffer from hallucinations. Clips from the video show doctors and other staff members posing for embarrassing photographs.

Finally The Good Doctor Season 5, Episode14 Is Here!!

On Friday, at the hospital’s potluck dinner, this illness will be disseminated. An advertisement shows a group of people drinking something with psychedelic qualities. Jordan Allen (Jordan Allen) will be the only member of the squad who will be unharmed by the attack.


In The good doctor, Shaun refuses to eat even though Morgan and Shaun are attending a hospital potluck. Despite his best efforts, Andrews has been unable to get anything to function properly. When a patient’s toe is amputated, Shaun steps in to help the injured party. A party for Asher’s boyfriend’s friends who’ve come from out of town to spend the weekend with her is being planned during this time.

During an operating room glitch, Lim is convinced she saw a snake emerge from the patient’s corpse. When she thinks about it, she gets a sick feeling in her stomach. When Shaun is on the second floor, he notices that the entire second floor is performing.

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In Case You Missed It

Morgan tells Shaun that the potluck had a poisonous ingredient. Shaun is hit by a punch from Lea. Throughout Asher’s monologue, he focuses on the fact that his girlfriend doesn’t want him to see his friends. Park has given Morgan specific instructions on where to place a recliner in the living room.

Shaun decides to further investigate her because she has a high temperature and speaks in a baby-like voice. The rest of the workforce is unable to return to work due to the storm in New York City. While Andrews is ill, the rest of the crew is instructed to look for commonalities between sick people.

They’re both about to pass out in the emergency room as they talk to each other. On the issue of passive-aggressiveness, Andrews and Lim disagree. His claim that he is not interested in running for President of the United States does not sit well with Lim. To put it mildly, he’s an egotist to the core. According to Andrews, she needs a certain amount of chaos in her life to stay balanced. Lim doesn’t like Andrew’s clothes because they’re too tight. They are told by the nurse not to talk while they are in the hospital.

What did Lea eat for lunch? Morgan needs your help in her quest to find out. With her hair seemingly on fire, Lea responds by lecturing Morgan on the quality of each dish and any possible hallucinogenic properties. To better understand the people around her, Morgan instructs Lea to eavesdrop on conversations.

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Know The Cast And Crew

That Shaun’s not happy with Glassman is something Jordan has been aware of for some time. Her point of view is that he doesn’t have the authority to stop Glassman from speaking. This leaves Jordan on her own to close a patient Shaun decided to do so. His refusal to take time off because of business obligations is treated with respect and courtesy by the Glassman.

He discovers, upon further investigation, that a man had amused himself by inserting a toothbrush into his rectus abdominis. The nurses are unable to keep up with him because he is moving so quickly.

Glassman and his patient discuss the patient’s overall stress level during this time. For lunch, Lea goes around the office and asks everyone what they had. Asher confronts Park about his concerns, but Park is too buzzed to help.

And now he realizes that he has frightened his sweetheart by referring to him in that way. This was followed by an extended speech about the importance of being free to express oneself without being reliant on someone who hides your recliner upstairs.