My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 322:Release Date, Spoilers, And Previews


My Wife’s Demon Queen Wife. Lilian unleashes her horrifying abilities on the Demon Tribe’s King in Chapter 322. In Chapter 322, Lilian gives the King of the Demon Tribe her evil powers, which he uses to kill her. As Lilian reveals in the previous chapter, Xiang Ye and Elisabeth have become the target of his newfound power, which Lilian agrees to when the King of the Demon Tribe approaches her with an offer to kill them. Lilian tells him that he has been resurrected, and he thanks her for it.

A Few Paragraphs Ago, In Chapter 321: My Wife Is A Demon-Queen, It Was Mentioned That

The King of the Demon Tribe is about to slaughter Xiang Ye, according to the hooded ghost guy’s imagination. Given his track record of never failing to disappoint, the King of the Demon Tribe has requested that Lilian serve as his right-hand man in the future. He aspires to improve conditions for the Demon Tribe’s members.

With this news, Lilian orders her warriors to prepare for an assault on the Human Empire’s borders. Isabella is eager to meet her because she is a member of the Demon Tribe. Xiang Ye’s return to her side is the only thing that matters to her at this point.

Xiang Ye and Yi Bei are perplexed by Penny’s decision to turn away from them and head in the opposite direction of them. He calls her to find out why she won’t be attending the party since he invited them. The relationship between Penny and Xiang Ye is inappropriate for her, according to Penny. Yi Bei tells Xiang Ye to leave because they’ve been waiting for him for a long time.

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The Storyline Of My Wife’s Demon Queen

She extends an open invitation to Penny to visit whenever she gets the chance. Yi Bei and Xiang Ye find the emperor’s statue has been stolen when they arrive at the royal palace. For some reason, Xiang Ye’s statue has mysteriously disappeared.

Some believe that a third party is to blame, while others believe that passing merchants are to blame. Informing the others that a band of knights has been following them, Sophias advises them to do the same.

As a way to become more intimate with him, he told Xiang Ye to do the same. Xiang Ye is startled when a group of knights marches up to him, armed and ready for battle. Everyone is surrounded and perplexed by what they’ve done because they don’t know what is going on.

Releasing Date

My Wife Is A-Demon Queen will have a new chapter out on December 3rd, and you can read it here. The deception was used by Martin and Xiang Ye to trick the students into ending their cooperation with the Empire.

Xiang Ye and Martin will be detained until their trial date, according to the Knights of the Round Table. Every detail written in chronological order is examined by Xiang Ye and his fellow group members.

Because Adjutant is doing his job, and Xiang Ye isn’t, a sibling of Adjutant’s tells Xiang Ye to keep his mouth shut. My Wife Is a Demon-Queen Chapter 322 will be released on March 14, 2017, according to the publisher.